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Global Thermal Management Products Market to Reach $14.7 Billion By 2 1!

Increasing functionality and miniaturization of individual electronic devices have spurred the need for thermal management technologies. Indeed, technological advances, an improving economy, and rising consumer demand for smaller, higher performance electronic devices will drive steady near-term growth in this global market. BCC Research provides an in-depth analysis of the global market for thermal management products through its report, he !arket for hermal !anagement echnologies. "ccording to the report, this market was valued at #$%.$ billion in &%$' and is e(pected to reach #$%.) billion by &%$*. BCC Research pro+ects the market to grow to #$*., billion by &%$-, and register a five-year compound annual growth rate of )../ from &%$* to &%$-. "se this re#ort to0 1ain an overview of the global market for thermal management products, including hardware, software, interface products, and substrates. "nalyze global market trends, with data from &%$', estimates for &%$*, and pro+ections of C"1Rs through &%$-. 2iscuss individual materials, hardware, and software product segments in terms of market size and revenue trends. "ssess forecasts for the most important applications by product. 3(amine the competitive aspects of each product segment, along with several successful suppliers4 strategies in the market. Review company profiles of leading players in the industry. $%MP&' ()G"R' G&*B%& T+'RM%& M%,%G'M',T M%R-'T TR',.$/ 2 1012 1! 2$ M)&&)*,$3

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