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Thu: Hello everyone, we are group Hyon. Today we would like to talk about a particular detail of project management.

Its a case study called The IT Department at Hamelin Hospital. In this case we will go through three questions: -What are the potential problems and advantages of having the same team members on multiple projects at the same time? -What are the benefits and drawbacks of starting most new hires at the help desk function? -And how does selling its IT services to competing hospital create a determinant of the project success? Lets summarize the case first. Hamelin is a hospital in the northeastern United States. It has an IT department which operates on a 35 million budget and overseers thirty to forty projects each year. In other words, this department takes care of project management work for the hospital. The jobs in this department fall into five categories from low to high: help-desk technician, programmer, senior programmer, system analyst, and project manager. New hires start at the help-desk and gradually climb the ladder until they are lucky enough to become one of the five project managers. With the IT departments success, Hamelin Hospital has begun to farm out its IT service to other competing hospital and sustained its own success. Now lets get on with the main topic. c: About the potential problems and advantages of having the same team members on multiple projects at the same time. From the sound of it, its a given that bad things are more evident than good things for this particular issue so we are going to identify the problems first. Basically, having members on multiple projects at the same time puts a great strain on the IT members. Theyre humans, too, so they will be exhausted if they work too much. Its also a waste of human resources to work on multiple projects at the same time. Normally this ac tells the opposite, but if there are more projects than the IT department can handle, it turns out that the hospital is squeezing all the juice out of their employees rather than using the most of their resources.

Even more of a case is confusion in managing projects. We get confused when we work too much sometimes. And for a hospital this is extremely dangerous. Imagine health care for a patient asthma and surgery for a patient with appendicitis got swapped. How disastrous would it be? But everything has a good side to it. There are also advantages in having the same members working on different project. To begin with, its cost saving. A hospital cant afford to hire too many employees for just ten or so projects. It takes time to train new recruits anyway. It also helps sustaining overall control on many aspects of the hospital at the same time. If you do many jobs for the same company, youre bound to find a core connection for that purpose sooner or later. And in sharp contrast with the problems above, using the same team members for different projects give them a chance to improve themselves. It has always been the main point of this act. Of course only if the workload isnt too high. Tuyt: Second question. What are the benefits and drawbacks of starting new hires at the help-desk. This time lets go from the good things first. Evidently, the help-desk is a good place to familiarize new hires with what the IT department does. They can understand the importance of the IT department to the hospital better too. Long-term wise, they can also accumulate experience to work in other areas. They cant do anything advanced without basics after all. So what are the drawbacks? From the first look of it, the help-desk is definitely going to be cluttered. Most new recruits work there, so the number can go quite high. In the meantime, other areas will lack manpower. Its true that you cant make experts appear out from thin air, but you still need a sufficient numbers to work with. Dng: Moving on to the final question. Hamelin hospital has farm out its IT service to other hospital, which is the determinant for its success. We know they can get extra money from this, but its the competing hospitals we are talking about. Why bother helping your opponents? Well its simple.

If you help others, it means youre already at a higher position in the market. Keeping that position is important, because it makes you number one. And everybody looks up at number one. If you have your people working with others, its easier to keep track of your competitors. Think of it as having a scout sent out. Finally, whatever the excuse, you have to help other people. A hospitals duty has always been helping others. If you can, you should help each other out. And then everyone can reach a higher level of competition together where youre in the lead. Thu: So whats the lesson we can learn from this case? As you can see, Hamelin Hospitals success originated from its IT department, who worked on project management for it. So its important to remember that project management is important if you want to do something big. Combined with IT, project management is a powerful tool to use to gain the upper hand in any field you can think of. This is the end of our presentation. Good bye, and I hope we will see you again.