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I believe technology is essential in our modern day world of education. Technology is a vital tool to help build upon proven teaching methods. It can open up a unlimited world of possibilities for educators and developing students. Through the guided mentorship of educators, the use of technology creates virtual libraries, lesson plans, and required on-hands experience that the real world demands from individuals. I believe through the use of technology we can spark the thought of creativity in students and install the tools of productivity.

Last Name First Name Test 1 Estes Williams Jackson Jackson Estes Average David Janice Savannah Jaden Brandon 100 88 83 96 85 90%

Test 2 95 62 84 95 93 86%

Paper 1 99 95 100 98 85 95%

Paper 2 95 97 85 86 75 88%

Homework 1 Homework 2 100 95 88 99 95 95% 100 85 98 84 88 91%

Final Grade Letter Grade 98% A 87% B 89% B 93% A 85% C 90.4 A

0F 0.7 D 0.76 C 0.86 B 0.93 A

Plain 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0


Colors Blue Yellow Green Red Brown

M & M's Plain 5 3 4 6 7

Peanut 3 5 3 5 2

Plain M & M's

5 3 4 6 7

Peanut M & M's

3 11% 5 3 5 2

28% 24%




28% 17%


http://davidgestes.edublogs.org/2013/07/08/l esson-plan-butterfly-life-cycle/



The role technology plays in the classroom is an essential tool/resource. It doesn't dictate learning or replace teachers; it is rather a means to increase effective and productive learning. The use of Internet search engines creates virtual libraries, educational software and websites creates more available curriculum, and the hands-on use of tech devices creates valuable experience skills that students will use throughout their education and careers. I would like to have students be able to search for answers to their questions on mobile devices. I plan to use powerpoint to help deliver lesson plans. I think it would be great to have students create a powerpoint on a researched topic.

I would use interactive products as Smartboard to enhance lesson plans with creativity. I believe that the more creative the lesson plan; the more positive the learning environment will be for students, and increase learning. I would use the interactive Smartboard with math, spelling, and reading lesson plans. I like the Word Girl interactive software for the Smartboard. It is great to help build students vocabulary. It has great animation to help visualize the meaning of words. It also involves critical skill thinking to help the superhero Word Girl, save the day. I can use this to help with vocabulary words and as great motivational reward for the class a whole. The grade level is K-2 and covers educational content of spelling and vocabulary. The educational value is increasing students vocabulary and critical thinking skills. This covers the Idaho State Common Core Standards of Principle 3: Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs, and Principle 4: Multiple Instructional Strategies. The link is: http://pbskids.org/wordgirl/games/powerwords/

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