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SN Kansagra School

Power of Protocol
Name: Sanjay Nath Critical Friend: Poorvi Doshi Work Area: S N K main ICSE Geography and Environmental Science Grade : Middle school and High School Std 9,10 and 12 S N Kansagra School, Rajkot, India

Introduction: my views
First the practice of using protocols may feel rigid, formal and appear bit puzzling. Later find it challenging and effective, this is out there to create leaders and to educate the educators how to educate others in very plan and with clear objectives. Power of protocol also talks about that professional educators should take charge of our own learning.

A power of protocol is a wonderful book to understand the important set of rules, will set your behaviour in certain, systematic approach for any task undertaken. Through gaining information in the learning of protocols and explore student work, educators have developed an trust and responsibility towards the task and the learning objective . One can find out for ourselves more that what is predictable of what we need to know about our teaching and learning and our students' learning objective and what is the takeaway. By doing this one can hold ourselves responsible for the transformation needed to improve teaching and learning in our particular school system and set a win-win for parents and society and practice a new culture. Facilitating - The Facilitators Core Tasks HOW WHEN and WHERE to use At its heart, facilitating is about promoting participation, ensuring equity, and building trust. One of the main approach one should learn and practice is understanding, willingness, ability and passion to conduct and deal with such core task in the educational organizations. And there are many core task that we all of us doing on everyday basis. This is very important and critical about how we act and respond to the situation and at the work place or in the meeting, it is an also a learning platform where vivid ideas and plans being discussed, revisit and implemented, here one has to be very clear about the impact and the cost. Yes, the time, thought, pre-planning and person genuinely accountable for the task in hand. Facilitating - The Facilitators Core Tasks is to create an environment for better and effective communication and plan systematically what to communicate and the purpose and objective in mind. Here the competency part of the facilitator come on the forth, like everyone in the meeting, getting the information, communication important agenda, gave fair change and time for each to participate in healthy manner.
QQC- Sanjay Nath

Most meeting advocate transparency and lot of anticipation on certain; and if you apply right way and approach one can create environ of trust, participation, passion and the blend of humor will always evaporate the air of odds. Thats what one has to practice in any discussion with team or in the meeting, it is very important to know everyone viewpoint that will create the openness in conversation and ease in dealing with any issue in justified and effective manner. As a teacher and representative using the protocol plays a very effective role. There is a change in the approach the way facing/approaching students and teachers and colleagues. The movement one start showing equality in any conversation, the trust and respect towards each other it automatically build and become more stronger and stronger. With the students it is very important with different age group. Same with fellow staff members and teachers, I have my own experience we all geography teachers have built our relation base more on trust, respect , participation and equity this practice will help us grow and gain more wisdom to understand the importance of people and teamwork, this will help us to encourage our students to value things by practicing values. Keeping all the above mention instances: I will able plan and understand little that (What I can do for our students and fellow colleagues), (How these learning will help me to become better and more enhanced), (the most important How these learning will help me to facilitate our students in the best way) Working on Problems of Practice Learning Make a difference

Educators/facilitators into teaching solve problems of practice continually, often hundreds in a single day. One should work to find the solution, instead of taking the advantage of the time and others effort, the best way is to create the path/clear the path for others to continue the good work with proper vision. May be some of the people on whose behalf we must address the problems come and go endlessly, carelessly ignorant of the troubles they cause and relish and other to ponder on. Thats not the account; all of us have to find ourselves solving problems temporarily and again and again, but that doesnt stop us. This unavoidable condition of our work can make us feel like lot of weight on the solders alone. In such situation, we run low on original approaches even while the problems never run low instead multiply. As the steps of this protocol make clear, the Descriptive Consultancy is not just about getting and giving advice. Before participants get advice on problems they have brought to the group or to me, they enjoy the opportunity of learning how others frame and

QQC- Sanjay Nath

understand these problems. The result is that they often gain insights they never otherwise could. I like the way the descriptive Constituency is framed and use as an important protocol, the purpose of Descriptive Consultancy is to help someone think through a problem by framing it himself or herself, then hearing how others frame it. That is why participants are encouraged to be more descriptive than judgmental. An assumption behind the use of the protocol is that framing and reframing a complex problem is an especially valuable step-in moving toward creative, focused problem-solving. The protocol also includes an advice-giving step. Here I have use the protocol several times unknowingly, but with more systematic approach mention in descriptive consultancy will work wonder, discussion on discipline issue of students was taken on top priority, mainly std 10 boys group creating problem with teaching learning practice in class in regular time, this was discussed and on my other behalf talked with the students at the first, lots of suggestive measure and with positive consultancy approach able to achieve the first step to solve the issue in very positive way, the approach was pre-plan and systematic.

QQC- Sanjay Nath