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The reflective piece I’ve chosen to do, is entitled “Confessions of a

Troubled Soul,” depicts a woman reflecting on her past experiences which
have left her traumatized. She recalls being abused by her father and
describes some of the effects she endured such as self esteem issues,
problems at school and home, behavioural acts as well as the long term
effects of it all. My inspiration to conduct this research was aroused as a very
close friend of mine was subject to abuse for several years and I decided to
enquire what it was like for her then and now.
Poetry is my chosen genre because I believe that poetry is a positive
way to vent feelings and deep thoughts. It allows the poet a means by which
she can express herself. Poetry also catches the audience’s attention very
well as it has a captivating rhythm and timing. It will therefore allow the
message being sent in the poem to be conveyed as people are more likely to
listen to it.
The piece targets mainly teenagers, both those subjected to abuse and
those who are not, as it will help individuals to understand the complications
faced by victims of abuse.
The purpose of the poem is to sensitize people to the plea of the
abuse victim, so that, they could be offered assistance, and in the hope
decrease the occurrences. Additionally, it is intended to sensitize people who
interact with youths on a daily basis to become more aware of the signs of
The poem can be utilized in focus group discussions on child abuse. In
addition it can be placed in youth magazines so that it is made readily
available for young people. The piece can also be performed in gatherings
such as Writer’s Block, as this is a convenient means of reaching out to
young persons.