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Art Field Reflection 1. What form of arts integration or interdisciplinary learning units have you observed?

In what ways were the visual forms investigated, learned, discussed, or produced in the classroom? This is a particular hard assignment for me because I really have only seen one form of art work in the classroom. This artwork was not for any particular integrated art purpose, however. The art was created to fill the bulletin board outside in the hallway. The bulletin board was still wintery and the teacher wanted to make it a spring bulletin board. Therefore, she had her students create flowers for the board. 2. Was there a Big Idea or theme used? If so describe. Were students working with narrative, observation, imagination, and / or visual thinking? There did not seem to be a Big Idea or theme used for this art project. Students were working with observation. The teacher first did the art project by modeling and then the students were able to follow her examples and complete the project on their own with the guidance of the teacher or myself. 3. What suggestions would you have for integration and interdisciplinary learning for this unit or lesson you observed? Try to think how you could make the learning more meaningful, connected, and deeper. Be specific. For this particular art activity, I think I could incorporate this into a science lesson and discuss the seasons. Students could discuss what they think a season is or talk about what they know (depending on their grade level) and then we could discuss what makes seasons change after they have learned about the different seasons. I might also be able to go as far as incorporating the seasons into social students and have the students discuss what different cultures do or how different traditions affect different cultures during the seasons.