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Mallory Weast Emilia Grant English 1102 04-07-14 Effects of Reality Television Knowle ge of reality television has great im!ortance !ertaining to the !ositive an negative effects it has on its viewers" #ow self-esteem is a common fin ing in in ivi $als that watch reality television" Gray claims that shows s$ch as The Bachelor have negative effects on its viewers %eca$se it !ortrays that all women in their twenties sho$l %e searching for a man to marry" & itionally' ($sh an )a!ire state that 72* of girls s!en more time on their

a!!earance as a res$lt of watching reality television" While e+isting st$ ies have clearly etermine the negative effects of reality television' st$ ies have not f$lly a resse the !ositive effects" Therefore' earlier st$ ies have s$ggeste the negative effects' %$t more research is nee e to etermine the !ositive effects" The !resent research tries to clarify the negative im!acts reality television has on its viewers" When we e+amine negative effects' we fo$n that reality television has an im!act on the %o y image an self-esteem of its viewers" & itionally' we iscovere that reality television

can have an im!act on relationshi!s with others" ,owever' we have also etermine that reality television shows can have a !ositive im!act on their viewers" -or e+am!le' Duck Dynasty e+em!lifies how faith an family are two as!ects that are most im!ortant in life" This im!acts the viewers %eca$se they can see that anyone can t$rn their life aro$n with the hel! of family an relying on their faith"

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.n the en ' the im!ortance %ehin the effects of reality television is significant" When most in ivi $als thin/ of reality television' they imagine all the harm it oes to its viewers" . %elieve that reality television oes have a negative im!act" ,owever' . thin/ it is im!ortant to consi er the enco$raging an hel!f$l characteristics of reality television as well" With this %eing sai ' . consi er reality television to have %oth negative an !ositive effects on its viewers" When one thin/s of the negative im!act reality television has on its viewers' things s$ch as %o y image' self-esteem' an relationshi!s may %e a few of the !oints that come to min " There are vario$s reality television shows that effect this as!ect of ones life" Emma Gray e+claims' 0Most in ivi $als have a love hate relationshi! with The Bachelor-we hate that we love it"1 The (achelor is a show where twenty-five women come on national television an try to win a man2s heart" Thro$gho$t the co$rse of the show' the la ies an the man travel the worl ' ho!ing that the man will fin someone to s!en the rest of his life with" The g$y starts o$t with twenty-five women an event$ally narrows it own to one" &ll in all' this means that the man has twenty-five girlfrien s" Gray e+!lains' 0The $n erlying message of the show is terri%le" .t tells $s that all women in their twenties sho$l %e es!erately searching for a man to marry"1 . fin this very tr$e" This show is!lays the i ea that women sho$l go thro$gh whatever it may ta/e in or er to fin a h$s%an " To me' . %elieve this show teaches that cheating is o/ay" .n to ay2s society' this wo$l not wor/ o$t too well" & man is esigne to have one !artner" Even tho$gh The Bachelor oes not have the %est effects' . %elieve there are reasons viewers are attracte to it" . /now from my !ersonal e+!erience watching this show' that . en3oy watching it %eca$se . am in love with the i ea of love" This show is a!!ealing %eca$se it is romantic an i ealistic" Every girl wo$l love to travel the worl with f$t$re s!o$se" &s a res$lt' . thin/ this show is am$sing to watch all the women go on ates" &long with the effects the

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show has on its viewers' . thin/ it is also im!ortant to /ee! . min that only fo$r co$!les so far have act$ally staye together" This re!resents how going on national television to ate is not efficient if yo$ want to fin someone to s!en the rest of yo$r life with" &ll things consi ere ' The Bachelor oes not have the %est im!act on its viewers" .t !ortrays ating to %e an attention-see/ing sit$ation" This is im!ortant in to ay2s society %eca$se in ivi $als that view this show will have high an $nrealistic e+!ectations for ating" Even tho$gh this show oes not !ortray it' in ivi $als sho$l reali4e that ating is meant to %e share %etween two in ivi $als" & itionally' Americas Next Top Model is another reality television show that has a

negative im!act on its viewers" 5ne of the !o!$lar to!ics for reality television shows is the 6$est for the !erfect %o y 78orissen 29" Americas Next Top Model is a show that feat$res as!iring mo els com!eting for the o!!ort$nity to %egin a career in the mo eling in $stry" .n the finale' the winner gets to !artici!ate in a :overGirl commercial" This wo$l %e one of the reality television shows that . o not agree with sim!ly %eca$se it effects the way women view themselves" This show !ortrays the i eal woman to %e tall' an thin" Therefore' the effects of this show co$l have negative im!acts %eca$se it effects the %o y image an self-esteem of in ivi $als" (eca$se most of the in ivi $als that a!!ear on this show are thin' this e+em!lifies that in or er to %e acce!te %y society one m$st %e thin" Therefore' this show !laces great em!hasis on weight" ($t %eca$se in ivi $als are %$ilt ifferent ways' this i ea co$l !otentially r$in ones self-esteem" & itionally' it co$l ca$se eating isor ers %eca$se yo$ng women feel

that in or er to %e %ea$tif$l they m$st %e thin" -$rthermore' this show also ill$strates how society etermines %ea$ty %y ones o$twar a!!earance" ,owever' we /now that real %ea$ty lies within o$r hearts"

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.n a ition' reality television shows can also enco$rage !lastic s$rgery" Reality shows s$ch as Extreme Makeover show women %efore' $ring' an after $n ergoing !lastic s$rgery" &s a res$lt these shows glamori4e !lastic s$rgery 78orrisen 29" This show foc$ses on how m$ch %etter the women loo/ after the s$rgery" ,owever' it oes not ma/e /nown the ris/s one ta/es when they have !lastic s$rgery" " )$4anne E" Ma44eo con $cte a st$ y to e+amine the effects of reality television on eating isor ere attit$ es an %ehaviors" ,er res$lts concl$ e that cosmetic s$rgery reality T; ma/eover shows contri%$te to eating isor ere attit$ es an %ehaviors among yo$ng women" Most of these women have internali4e the thin-%o y i eal 7Ma44eo9" <ot only o reality television shows im!act the way viewers view themselves' they also rewar %a %ehavior" Tom Green e+!lains' 0.t $se to %e if yo$ were 1= an !regnant yo$ wo$l get in tro$%le" <ow yo$ get yo$r own reality show"1 . thin/ this is a fine e+am!le of the way society has change over the years" This also emonstrates how %eing 1= an !regnant is no %ig eal" (y starring on 16 and Pre nant' it is almost as if the in ivi $als %eing involve are %eing rewar e for their actions %eca$se they get their own television show that tells of how their lives have change as a res$lt of %ecoming !regnant" &s a res$lt of these /in s of shows' we no longer have many heroes" The ays of loo/ing $! to inventors' artists' an gen$inely s$ccessf$l !eo!le are gone" )ociety is !artly to %lame for this %eca$se !eo!le are more intereste in negative information" .n ivi $als are a icte to this /in of television %eca$se it ma/es $s feel %etter a%o$t o$rselves 7Green9" &long with all the negative im!acts of reality television' there are also some !ositive effects that can enco$rage viewers" When one isc$sses reality television shows it is li/ely that

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the !ositive ones go $nnotice " Reality television can teach in ivi $als a%o$t etermination' val$es' %eliefs' an the 3oy of giving %ac/" There are all /in s of reality television shows that effect the %o y image of its viewers" )ome shows have more of a negative im!act' while others have !ositive im!acts an !rovi e enco$ragement" 5ne of these shows wo$l %e The Bi est !oser" &s we all /now' from !ersonal e+!erience or hearing a%o$t e+!erience from others' one2s %o y weight can %e a sensitive s$%3ect" The Bi est !oser is a show where contestants com!ete to see who will lose the most weight" Each contestant has trainers an n$tritionists that lea them own the right !ath to achieve their goal an lose the most weight" >$ring the show yo$ will see that the challenge is not always easy" &t times the contestants may %e tem!te to give $! or give in 3$st a little %it" &t the en of the show the contestant that has lost the most weight wins 7&rgyra/is9" This show is a goo e+am!le of the enco$ragement that res$lts in watching some reality television shows" Even tho$gh those watching are not act$ally !artici!ating' 3$st %y sim!ly watching it gives them a glim!se of ho!e that they can o whatever they !$t their min s to" & itionally' this show ill$strates how etermination an setting goals will have great rewar s

even when the going gets to$gh" The tri$m!h of the h$man s!irit for anyone who wants to ma/e a healthy change in their lifestyle an iet is e+traor inary 7&rgyra/is9"

The average &merican family consists of a%o$t fo$r mem%ers? the father' mother' an two si%lings" ,owever' the >$ggar clan is one e+ce!tion" The >$ggar2s are /nown for their large family that has their own show that is also /nown as 1" #ids and $ountin " This family consists of the mom' Michele' the father' 8im (o%' an ten %oys an nine girls" (eca$se the family is so large' there is never any own time an there is always some /in of action going on" The

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>$ggar2s have $ni6$e !arenting styles that ma/e them stan a!art from most families" Each ol er chil is a mentor to a yo$nger chil " This gives them the o!!ort$nity to hel! them organi4e an stay on tas/ with their aily $ties 7&rgyra/is9" . %elieve that this family emonstrates stan ar s that yo$ o not see in families to ay" This television show reveals how si%lings sho$l %e a hel!f$l reso$rce for each other" )ince each si%ling is a mentor or has a mentor' they all have someone that they can go to if they nee a vice or if they 3$st nee someone to tal/ to" . thin/ this is!lays an im!ortant trait that sho$l %e share among all si%lings an sho$l %e visi%le in to ay2s society" . /now from my own e+!erience growing $! with a si%ling' it was nice to /now yo$ wo$l always have someone there to tal/ with" The close-/nit %on that is share %etween this family is an ins!iration to many %eca$se it emonstrates the characteristics that sho$l %e common in families" -$rthermore' there are also reality television shows that !rovi e ins!iration to viewers" Extreme Makeover% &ome Edition is a television show where the foc$s is on ho$sehol im!rovements" This show is irecte at hel!ing less fort$nate families that are e+!eriencing 3o% loss' str$ggles with illnesses' or s$ffering from nat$ral isaster effects" >$ring the show' the family has the o!!ort$nity to go on a vacation while the E+treme Ma/eover Team re%$il s their ho$se" Everything that the family sees when they get %ac/ has %een onate from constr$ction com!anies' esigners' an vol$nteers 7&rgyra/is9" This show is a !rime e+am!le of how we sho$l give %ac/ to o$r comm$nity" . %elieve this show ill$strates the im!ortance of giving %ac/ in yo$r comm$nity" Thro$gho$t the $ration of the time it ta/es for them to re%$ilt the ho$se' n$mero$s vol$nteers from all aro$n the comm$nity come together an hel! this family o$t" . have watche this show vario$s times an

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every time it goes off . feel ins!ire to get involve in my comm$nity" This show has !ositive effects %eca$se it !laces an em!hasis on hel!ing others" The gratit$ e that the family shows at the en of the show when the new ho$se is reveale is heart-warming" The families are always so than/f$l an a!!reciative that other in ivi $als were willing to ta/e the time o$t of their ay an vol$nteer to hel! re%$il their home" .n a ition to the reality television shows alrea y mentione ' there is one more that . %elieve has a great im!act on its viewers" 5ne of the most watche television shows to ay an !ersonally my favorite is Duck Dynasty" The show is !ro%a%ly %est /nown for the g$n-toting Ro%ertsons2 )o$thern rawl' $nr$ly %ear s an camo$flage war ro%e 7(ailey9" ,owever' if yo$ loo/ !ast the %ear s yo$ will see that this family is centere aro$n their faith an love for their family" The Ro%ertson family is a family that lives in #o$isiana an r$ns the >$c/ :omman er h$nting s$!!ly com!any 7(ailey9" The Ro%ertson2s on2t shy away from any social iss$e 7(ailey9" .n a s!eech to a !regnancy center' @hil Ro%ertson ecrie the hi!!ie generation an a%ortion' saying' 0That movement l$re =0 million %a%ies o$t of their mothers2 wom%s"1 & itionally 8ase an Missy

Ro%ertson s$ggeste that they wait $ntil marriage to have se+ 7(ailey9" 05$r faith is the main !art of o$r lives' %$t it2s %etter to %e s$%tle'1 sai &lan Ro%ertson' the %ear less fo$rth %rother of the clan" 0We on2t want to ma/e it li/e AThe 700 :l$% for Re nec/s"21 The Ro%ertson2s not only have a television show" The Ro%ertson women have written %oo/s a%o$t vario$s to!ics" @hil Ro%ertson has ta/en his message on the roa an !reache at )a le%ac/ :h$rch an share a%o$t the !atriarchy2s alcoholic !ast an the marital tro$%les they

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once ha 7(ailey9" & from alcoholism"

itionally' )i has also written a %oo/ a%o$t how he t$rne his life aro$n

The Ro%ertson family also !laces an em!hasis on har wor/" Thro$gho$t many of the e!iso es yo$ will see the family !artici!ating in vario$s tas/s" This emonstrates that har wor/ is im!ortant %eca$se in the en the rewar is always great" -or e+am!le' in one e!iso e the chil ren %$il a foot%all fiel " This also emonstrates how the family !laces an im!ortance on s!en ing time o$t oors" &ll in all' this show has a !ositive im!act on its viewers %eca$se it emonstrates how anyone can t$rn their life aro$n " & itionally' it emonstrates how faith an

family are two im!ortant feat$res to have !resent in one2s life" There are many misconce!tions a%o$t reality television an the way viewers view it" Even tho$gh reality television is not real an often over- ramati4e ' it still has effects on its viewers" ,owever' some can %e more enco$raging an !ositive than others" There are some reality television shows that . agree with' while there are others that . isagree with" &ll things consi ere ' viewers let reality television effects accor ing to the life they choose to live"

Wor/s :ite

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&rgyra/is' &n y" BReality T; with a @ositive @$r!ose"B 'p" <"!"' 24 &!r" 201C" We%" 12 &!r" 2014" Dhtt!EFFwww"$!tv"comFnewsFreality-tv-!ositive-!$r!oseG" (ailey' )arah" B>$c/ >ynastyH :hristian )tereoty!es &re The Reason -or ,it T; )howHs )$ccess "B &u((in ton Post" <"!"' 2I &$g" 201C" We%" 10 &!r" 2014" Dhtt!EFFwww"h$ffington!ost"comF201CF0JF2IF $c/- ynasty-christianstereoty!esKnKC7LJL2J"htmlG" Gray' Emma" BHThe (achelorHE Why )mart Women Watch 7an #ove9 .t"B The &u((in ton Post" <"!"' 1= 8an" 2012" We%" J &!r" 2014" Dhtt!EFFwww"h$ffington!ost"comFemma-grayFthe%achelor-why-women-watchK%K120044="htmlG" Green' Tom" BReality T; -- Rewar ing (a (ehavior"B The &u((in ton Post" <"!"' 1= 8$ly 201C" We%" J &!r" 2014" Dhtt!EFFwww"h$ffington!ost"comFtom-greenFreality-tv-rewar ing-%a K%KC=0==41"htmlG" 85R.))E<' &##.)5<' -" R.:,&R> -ERR&R5' an <.KK. )&<>&M" BThe Effect 5f Thinness @romoting Reality T; )hows 5n (eing &t-Ris/ -or &n Eating >isor er"B Psi $hi )ournal *( 'nder raduate +esearch 1C"4 7200J9E 1=4-1=7" Academic ,earch $omplete" We%" J &!r" 2014" Ma44eo' )$4anne E"' et al" BEffects 5f & Reality T; :osmetic )$rgery Ma/eover @rogram 5n Eating >isor ere &ttit$ es &n (ehaviors"B Eatin Behaviors J"C 720079E CL0-CL7" Academic ,earch $omplete" We%" 1L -e%" 2014"