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Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012 SE I!

!"# S$ea%er& *a$er +ased 1enue & Abstract The field of microfluidics deals with the study of liquids inside channels of a few hundred micrometers [1] width. It plays a major role in wide range of applications vi . microelectronics! molecular biology and microanalytical methods. The materials used in the fabrication of microfluidic devices are largely dependent on the nature of application involved. In this regard! paper is one of the emerging substrates in microfluidics ["]. In comparison to commonly used substrates such as silicon! elastomers! paper has several advantageous features which ma#e it e$ceptionally attractive [%]. The paper based microfluidics &'()* provide novel technology for fluid handling and fluid analysis in applications ranging from health diagnostics! environmental monitoring as well as food quality testing. In these applications! the efficiency of '() devices is dependent on the transport of liquid &analytes* inside the microchannels present in the paper. The transport of liquids inside these microchannels can be modified varying the chemical nature and morphology of microchannels [+]. In this tal#! an overview on paper based microfluidics! effect of various parameters on transport of liquid through microchannels along with a few applications based on '() will be discussed. r' (amilsel)an (itle icrofluidics "n o)er)ie, SSCU "U-I(2#IU -ay, -ate . (ime& (hursday 06th /e+ruary, 2010 at 0&00 * uthusamy

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