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By Aiden Walker


Education Consists of the roles and norms that

ensure the transmission of knowledge, values, and patters of behavior from one generation to the next. Schooling Formal Education that involves instruction by specially trained teachers who follow officially recognize policies. Hidden Curriculum The transmission of hidden goals not officially acknowledged. Often including centering around obedience of authority.

Tracking The assignment of students to different

types of educational programs. Charter Schools Schools funded with public money but are privately operated and run. Homeschooling a system in which a childs main education is undertaken by parents at home. Zero Tolerance Policies Policies that involve set punishments for serious offenses. Bilingual Education A system in which non-English speaking students are taught in their native language until they can speak English enough to attend regular classes.

Sacred Anything that is considered to be part of the

supernatural world and that inspires awe. Profane Anything considered to be part of the ordinary world. Religion a system of roles and norms that is organized around the sacred realm and that binds people together in social groups. Ritual an established pattern of behavior through which a group of believers experience the sacred.

Animism a belief that spirits actively influence

human life. Shamanism a type of animism that believe spirits communicate with only one person in the group. Totemism belief in kinship between humans and animals or natural objects Theism The belief in gods or goddesses Monotheism The belief in one god Polytheism The belief in multiple gods Ethicalism Belief that moral principles have a sacred quality

Ecclesia A type of religious organization in which

most people in the society are members by virtue of their birth Denomination a well-established religious organization in which a substantial number of the population are members. Sect a relatively small religious organization that typically has split off from a denomination. Cult a new religion whose beliefs and practices differ markedly from those of the societys major religions. Religiosity the depth of peoples religious feelings Secular Religion loosing influence on everyday life.