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The Causations and Characteristics of Earthquakes

Earthquakes! Earthquakes come in many shapes and forms and are caused by many different things. They also have a lot to do with the earths crust, and its formation. Okay, lets start with the basics! What are the different types of earthquakes? First, there are divergent earthquakes. Divergent earthquakes happen when plates push apart and make a fissure like crack in the earth; this type of earthquake is much smaller than convergent earthquakes and usually happens more inland. Second, a convergent earthquake happens when one plate slides under the other and pushes the other plate up; this is the biggest type of earthquake and the most common. These earthquakes generally happen along the coast or under the sea, which is in the Ring of Fire. Convergent puts the quake in earthquake! Last but not least, transform earthquakes. Transform earthquakes happen when plates slide next to each other. These happen inland and by/under the sea and are slightly more common than divergent. So finally, those are the different types of earthquakes. What causes an earthquake? Well, many things! First off, some earthquakes are caused by volcanos. A volcano will cause an earthquake to help push the magma out of the ground. Second, man-made earthquakes are huge contributors. Manmade earthquakes are caused by people setting off explosives or drilling. Most of the time, it does not cause the earths plates to shift. That is only if the explosion is enormous! But even so, the ground would shake no doubt. Lastly, gravitational earthquakes are mysterious and we know little about them, but here is what we know so far. People and scientists alike think that these are caused by explosions on other planets or possibly exploding stars. The earthquakes that are created on earth happen because of gravity waves that were pulsing through space then hitting us. People have reported seeing strange lights in the sky a few hours before a quake. In fact, this happened in Chile. Experts have been thinking about using these lights as a warning system. Except the only problem is, what is the

warning if its not a gravitational earthquake? In conclusion, there is much causation for earthquakes; some may even still be a mystery.

What is the connection between earthquakes and the earths crust? Well, first of all, earthquakes are connected in many ways to other natural disasters because of causation. For instance, an earthquake causes a tsunami when the earth shoots up it makes a sudden wave, then the wave crashes onto the shore. Also, a volcanic eruptions rising magma can create a minor earthquake. Secondly, earthquakes happen because of faults in the earths crust. Faults are lines/cracks in the earth that slide or move and are generally the center of an earthquake. In conclusion, earthquakes connect in many ways to the unit about the earths crust.

Earthquakes are powerful, tragic, interesting, and mysterious. We humans still know little about them. But we do know one thing for sure, they are the reason the earth is the way it is. They formed it into the shape it has become! They are truly an ultimate natural disaster!