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All plans subject to change:

Anatomy and Physiology week 9


Possible Tissue TEST 1. Possible Tissue

1. Epithelial Tissue 1. Video Mr.Fordsclass
Today or move to TEST today…
Color plate and chart CT & Introduction Skin Chap #6
Thursday Use class to 2. Friday start Skin
worksheet 2. 5 min video 20 min in Notes Skin …Epidermis &
9th correct Worksheets Chapter #6
2. Correct CT total time Dermis…. Do this assignment
_____ passed back and Study Have students work on
worksheet FFF 3. CW Epithelial and CT on Monday if TEST is
for test on Thursday. Skin Vocabulary Do
wks Thursday
Assess Student Learning the Vocabulary on
Tissues Chapter #5 Friday if test today 

Chemistry week 9

Election day
1. Chapter 5 Periodic
Section 5.1 cont.
table 5.1 notes
1.) 5.1 worksheet. Review 5.2 section 5.2 continued
2. Teach and show Assess 5.1 & 5.2
Module Pass out for 1. Notes 5.2 section 1. Review Module
9th outline format do (Vocabulary / CW quiz 10
Homework. 2. Worksheet discovery 2. Finish worksheet
O5 outline 5-1 (5 headings) Q’s)
2.) Video Clash of the of atom (foldable + from Wednesday
Due Wednesday Word Search After Quiz
Titans discovery of the Vocabulary)
3. --If need finish lab
worksheet / graph

CP Physical Science Week 9

Finish Worksheet packet
Review For Periodic 1. Start 6.1 notes, 6.1 ionic bonding
9th Periodic Table TEST 6.2 covalent bonding notes
table TEST 2. United streaming Lewis dot activity &
_____ Outline 6-1 Due Thursday CM & CW
Outline Due from movie on bonding periodic table