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Curriculum Study

Gabbie Henwood Emilee Higgins

Creative Curriculum
This is mainly used to set up the classroom environment (and map out each day)
Centers and materials within each center Helps to focus on DAP

Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG)

The standards for TSG align with the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Preschool The guidelines to assessing the students growth and development The objectives are used to set up lesson plans

Blueprint for Early Literacy

Main instructional curriculum
Read alouds, message time, extension activities, and themes are all based off of this curriculum
Math, literacy, science, social studies, etc are tied in

Blueprint maps out the instructional day. It is aligned with the standards, Foundation Blocks

10 themes: each last about 4 weeks, each building off of each other Super-theme (combination of 3 or more themes)

Blueprint & TSG

Blueprint helps give the big picture in theme content, while TSG helps break it down
i.e. blueprint is used as a guide and then translated into TSG objectives

Blueprint does not follow the DAP of a 5 day read aloud guide (blueprint uses a 3 day plan)

Handwriting Without Tears

Curriculum used to help fine motor development and control, and literacy development
Pincer grasp and control Flip Crayons

Supports numeracy, letter making, shapes and numbers

Wood letters, handbook, mr. smiley face, smart board materials, Mat Man

TSG is the preschool lifeline Funding from HeadStart, VPI, and Augusta County Special Education Services
Each of these has their own standards which are all met under TSG