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TASK: your group will research, create, an present a newscast a!out an e"ent occurring uring the Col War, #ro$ %&'()%&&%* REQUIREMENTS: %* Research Details+ your group will nee to inclu e a $ini$u$ o# si, etails to e,plain your e"ent A* Who is involved? Countries- na$es o# lea ers- i$portant in i"i uals.groups /* What happened? E,plain what too0 place C* When did it happen? Dates, ti$e perio * Was it a single e"ent or where there $any e"ents lea ing up to it1 D* Where did it occur? Was the cause.e##ect in one country or $any1 E* Why did it happen? What were the reasons #or the e"ent occurring1 2* o! did it happen? What i the $a3or players o as the e"ent occurre 1 4* Organi5e newscast an write the script* 6se the 78aster Plan9 han out to organi5e your presentation* The script shoul !e written /E2ORE you !egin #il$ing* The script $ust !e re#lecte in the #inal "i eo presentation* :our group will nee to report #ro$ the point o# "iew o# the countries or people in"ol"e * Since the "old War divided the !orld #et!een the USA and the USSR$ the points o% vie! o% these countries !ill #e re%lected in your topic& The #ollowing nee s to !e inclu e in the newscast script an "i eo presentation* A* The si, etails ;see a!o"e< an point o# "iew o# !oth si es* /* At least one eyewitness inter"iew C* =nter"iews with t!o 7e,perts9) each o##ering a i##erent perspecti"e a!out the e"ent* :our e,perts can e"en a ress each other to e!ate speci#ic points* D* Ti$e) the script will ha"e enough in#or$ation #or a >)%? $inute "i eo presentation* E* /i!liography+ the #inal page o# your script nee s to inclu e a list o# the we!sites use #or researching etails an i$ages* 2* Re"iew, re"ise, an rehearse your script !e#ore #il$ing* :our script will !e gra e @ 'RESENTATI(N: 6sing a igital ca$era, #il$ your group presentation* Act out the script, use props, a soun e##ects, an creati"ely e it the "i eo* The #or$at shoul !e si$ilar to a tele"ision newscast, howe"er you ha"e #ree o$ to a appropriate seg$ents such as co$$ercials or sports up ates* All a itional seg$ents $ust $a0e sense with the o"erall topic an ti$e #ra$e o# your topic* :our #inishe newscast will !e poste online an the lin0 e$aile to the teacher* The newscasts will !e presente to the class@ )R(U'S: :ou will !e a!le to choose your groups* No group will ha"e $ore than #our stu ents* E"ery stu ent will !e e,pecte to contri!ute to the research, e"elop$ent o# the script, an co$pletion o# the "i eo* :ou all ha"e "ery !usy sche ules outsi e o# schoolAit is up to you wor0 out ays.ti$es to $eet to co$plete this pro3ect* =# there are any issues that cannot !e resol"e , please see the instructor i$$e iately* )RA*IN): :ou will earn an in i"i ual an group gra e #or this pro3ect* A ru!ric will !e poste on the pro3ect we!site@


Greek Civil War-- Truman Doctrine Yalta Conference Marshall Plan Berlin Blockade and Airlift Building the Berlin Wall 1 !1 " #all of the Berlin Wall 1 $ %ungarian &'rising 1 (! Prague )'ring 1 !$ )oviet &nion Gets the Atomic Bom* 1 + )'ace ,ace -.aunch of )'utnik/ Man on the Moon0 Cu*an ,evolution Ba1 of Pigs 2nvasion Cu*an Missile Crisis Chinese ,evolution- Mao 3edong and Communist China Great .ea' #or4ard 1 ($-1 !5 Cultural ,evolution 1 !! 6ietnam War 7 &' to &) 8scalation 1 !9 2ranian ,evolution 7 1 : -aka 2slamic ,evolution0 )oviet 2nvasion of Afghanistan - 1 : Cam*odian Genocide &; s'1 'lane 2ncident )andinistas in <icaragua Tiananmen )=uare Massacre- China

Cold War Newscast

How to get organized:

1. Choose a leader or anchorpersons early. 2. As the group comes up with a news segment, ill in the !master plan" chart. #. $ry to ma%e segments short and do 2 or # each rather than spea%ing or # minutes straight. &. Create an outline o all news segments starting with the introduction o the news team to the sign o . 'nclude names, topics, and appro(imate time. ). *se the outline to write a detailed script. +. ,ehearse, ' possi-le, to o-tain a smooth presentation.
When you think youve finished your script and video, ask yourself these questions+& In%or,ation: B Does your script an newscast co"er the si, $a3or etails1 B =s your presentation etaile an historically accurate1 B =s there an eyewitness inter"iew1 B Ca"e TWO e,perts !een inclu e 1 B Are !oth si es o# the story !eing represente 1 -isuals.Sound E%%ects: B Does your group use at least three "isuals an soun 1 B Note+ Disuals an soun $ust inclu e at least two o# the #ollowing* :ou $ay inclu e $ore* B 8aps B Pictures B Di eo #ootage B Eraphs B Soun E##ects B 8usic #ro$ the ti$e perio -ideo 'resentation: B =s ialogue easy to hear1 B Do the seg$ents #low in a sensi!le or er1 B Are all seg$ents appropriate #or your topic1 Sources: B Does your group ha"e a list o# at least three sources inclu e with your script1 B =nclu e at least one source #ro$ the =nternet an one #ro$ a !oo0*


.$A$'/N CA00 01$$1,.: ANCH/, 21,./N /, C/ANCH/,.: ,12/,$1,.: 131W'$N1..41.5: 1621,$.:

N1W. 2,1.1N$A$'/N 7A.$1, 20AN 4891: 7'N*$1.5

,12/,$1,;. NA71 $/2'C /< .1=71N$ 'N$,/@*C$'/N /< N1W. $1A7 A .*77A,3 /< B13 .$/,'1. 01N=$H /< $'71 0/CA$'/N> 2,/2.?C/.$*71.

C/NC0*@'N= C/771N$. A .'=N/<<