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*Mga pagbabago sa Edukasyon, Kalusuga, Lipunan at imprastruktura.

When the Americans came to the Philippines, They enhanced our means of education, religion, health. Transportation. And even how we communicate with each other! Did you know that our public schools came from the Americans? They used education as a way to capture the hearts of our ancestors. Because we didnt have enough teachers at that time, the Americans transported 600 Thomasites. They distributed the thomasited to different communities to educate and so that our people will accept the colonization of the Americans. They built free-of-charge public schools to educate people who cannot afford going to private schools. Unlike spain, the Americans focused on democracy than religion. Some Filipinos are transported to Estados Unidos to study without a paying anything, those Filipinos were called pensionados and worked in different branches of the Philippine government. The University of the Philippines was also built during the American Era. They used the English Language to teach us and they focused on their own history more than ours, evolving into Filipinos having colonial mentality. -RELIGIONThey implemented a bill about the separation of church from the state, they preached about Protestantism and We became free to choose our own religion. -HEALTHThey also used health as an instrument to get the hearts of the Filipino people. The board of Health for the Philippine Islands was founded in 1901 and aims to create rules and implement programs to improve the health of the Filipino people. They scattered doctors and nurses to different towns and provinces to educate people about being clean with themselves, their food and their surroundings. The Americans built hospitals (Philippine general hospital) to improve the health of the Filipinos. -TRANSPORTATIONOur roads, ports, bridges, train tracks were improved during the American era. Did you know that cars and trucks were from the Americans? They also made telephones for public use. The roads were constructed and improved so that American businesses can transport their good to our country easily.