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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Date David Vander Haak 4/17/2014 Subject/ Topic/ Theme Bacteria & Viru e !rade 10

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

Thi i the econd "e on o# thi unit on Bacteria and Viru e $ %onnectin& direct"' to "e on one( in thi "e on tudent &ather data #rom the "ab e)periment tarted in "e on 1( *e di cu the re u"t ( and the tudent be&in the ne)t ection o# the "ab$ +" o( connectin& to "ater "e on ( the *ritin& project i introduced( to be turned in in a *eek$

Learners will be able to#

. e data to make and upport a conc"u ion$ /va"uate the va"idit' o# e)perimenta" re u"t $ De i&n an e)periment *ith a contro" to te t a variab"e$ 1roper"' upport a c"aim( accordin& to the &uide"ine o# cienti#ic ar&umentation$ .nder tand that the heer number and intricac' o# bacteria i an e)hibition o# !od2 a*e ome *ork$

co&nitive, - . +p +n / %0

ph' ica" ocio, deve"opment emotiona"

.(+p(+n +n(/ .(+p(+n(/( % +n(/(% .

0 0

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed# '(.(' /va"uate the uncertaintie or va"idit' o# cienti#ic conc"u ion u in& an under tandin& o# ource o# mea urement error( the cha""en&e o# contro""in& variab"e ( accurac' o# data ana"' i ( "o&ic o# ar&ument( "o&ic o# e)perimenta" de i&n( and/or the dependence on under"'in& a umption $ ').* De cribe the tructure o# viru e and bacteria$ CC++.ELA,LI-E.AC/.0H+-.1,(2.(.A 3ntroduce preci e c"aim4 5( di tin&ui h the c"aim4 5 #rom a"ternate or oppo in& c"aim ( and create an or&ani6ation that e tab"i he c"ear re"ation hip amon& the c"aim4 5( counterc"aim ( rea on ( and evidence$
47ote# 8rite a man' a needed$ 3ndicate ta)onom' "eve" and connection to app"icab"e nationa" or tate tandard $ 3# an objective app"ie to particu"ar "earner *rite the name4 5 o# the "earner4 5 to *hom it app"ie $5 0remember( under tand( app"'( ana"'6e( eva"uate( create

II. 'efore 3ou start Identif3 !rere4uisite 5nowledge and s5ills.

9no* that bacteria can be both harm#u" and he"p#u" 4#rom previou "e on5$ 9no* ho* to identi#' independent and dependent variab"e ( and ho* to contro" variab"e 4#rom ear"ier in the 'ear5$
Pre-assessment (for learning): -evie* di cu ion o# *hat *e "earned "a t "e on$ Formative (for learning): Brain torm he"p the teacher to identi#' *hat tudent kno* and their mi conception about bacteria" &ro*th$ !oin& around( a kin& each &roup about their c"aim and evidence he"p the teacher to ee *ho i &ettin& evidence and ju ti#ication *e""$ !oin& around a kin& each &roup about their e)perimenta" de i&n he"p the teacher kno* *ho i on track( and *ho to ca##o"d in the ri&ht direction$ Formative (as learning): The *ritin& project *i"" he"p tudent "earn more about &ood and bad bacteria( a *e"" a he"p them deve"op a conception o# cienti#ic ar&umentation$ Summative (of learning5: 8ritin& a i&nment( due ne)t *eek( inte&rate ba ic mode" tudent have

Outline assessment activities 4app"icab"e to thi "e on5

been "earnin& about bacteria" &ro*th and &ood/bad bacteria$ 0 at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" 0 at will it ta5e 6 neurodevelo!mentall37 e8!erientiall37 emotionall37 etc.7 for 3our students to do t is lesson"
Provide 9ulti!le 9eans of .e!resentation 1rovide option #or perception, making information perceptible Student or&ani6e in#ormation in the !oo&"e Doc ;ab$ The <1=/ >"ipbook e)p"ain each ection o# the "ab$ Provide 9ulti!le 9eans of Action and E8!ression 1rovide option #or ph' ica" action, increase options for interaction Student count co"onie and mea ure them$ Student &et up to "ook at materia" avai"ab"e #or the econd part o# the "ab$ Provide 9ulti!le 9eans of Engagement 1rovide option #or recruitin& intere t, choice, relevance, value, authenticity, minimize threats Student &et to choo e *hat variab"e the' *i"" te t in the "ab and ho* the' *i"" te t it$ Student &et to choo e *hat e)amp"e the' *i"" u e in their *ritin& a i&nment and a" o *hich ide to ar&ue$


1rovide option #or "an&ua&e( mathematica" e)pre ion ( and 'mbo" , clarify & connect language

1rovide option #or e)pre ion and communication, increase me ium of e!pression

Student *rite e)p"anation in the "ab$ Student practice cienti#ic ar&umentation *ith their *ritin& a i&nment$
1rovide option #or comprehen ion, activate, apply & highlight

8ritten e)pre ion in the "ab and *ritin& a i&nment$ Verba" e)pre ion in di cu in& re u"t $ %reative e)pre ion in de i&nin& an e)periment$
1rovide option #or e)ecutive #unction , coor inate short & long term goals, monitor progress, an mo ify strategies

1rovide option #or u tainin& e##ort and per i tence, optimize challenge, collaboration, masteryoriente fee back

Student are *orkin& to&ether in &roup #or the "ab$ De i&nin& an inve ti&ation i a cha""en&e( but the e tudent can do it$
1rovide option #or e"#,re&u"ation, e!pectations, personal skills an strategies, self-assessment & reflection

9aterials,w at materials $boo5s7 andouts7 etc& do 3ou need for t is lesson and are t e3 read3 to use"

Student app"' *hat the' "earned about te tin& bacteria" Short,term &oa" : &et data #rom Student have rubric #or the "ab &ro*th in the previou "e on part 1( de i&n e)periment #or and *ritin& a i&nment( o and *hat the'2ve "earned about e)pectation are c"ear$ e)perimentation throu&hout the part 2$ eme ter to de i&nin& their o*n ;on&,term &oa" : >ini h the entire "ab b' Tue da'( the inve ti&ation$ *ritin& a i&nment i due Student app"' *hat the' kno* about bacteria and c"ean"ine to Thur da' takin& a po ition$ , ;aptop 41:15 , Variou product 4b"each( rubbin& a"coho"( oap( hand aniti6er( vine&ar( antibacteria" pra'5A avai"ab"e in the "ab$ , <1=/ >"ip Book , Video 4projector( computer5 , 1ermanent marker , -u"er , %opie o# *ritin& a i&nment and rubric Same a "a t "e on$

How will 3our classroom be set u! for t is lesson" III. - e Plan -ime 0:00, 0:0B Com!onents 9otivation 4openin&/ introduction/ en&a&ement5 :escribe teacher activities A;: student activities for eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in5ing 4uestions and<or !rom!ts. CouTube video 4 ee #ront pa&e o# unit p"an Student ( a the' come in( &et home*ork checked *eb ite5$ 4Teacher check o## a comp"ete in &radebook$ 3t 8hat *e did on Tue da' *a *ab man' di##erent *on2t be turned in unti" the' #ini h pa&e 4 #or "ocation $ 8here can *e #ind bacteriaD So i# *e home*ork #or Tue da'$5 p"aced our amp"e in the be t condition #or bacteria to urvive and reproduce( do 'ou think *e2"" be ab"e to ee itD 3ntroduce the ne)t part o# toda'2 "ab$ !ive each tudent a cop' o# the e"#,a e ment rubric 4-ubi tar 3DE 24@2B0?5$ !o throu&h the "ide o# the "ab up throu&h app"ication *ith the tudent 4not *orkin& throu&h them( ju t pointin& out *hat the' need to do( and te""in& tudent that i# the' need more c"ari#ication( the' can re#er to their <1=/2 3nve ti&ation =r&ani6er Step Book$ /)p"ain Student *ork throu&h the re t o# part one o# the "ab$

0:0B, 0:2B

:evelo!ment 4the "ar&e t component or main bod' o# the "e on5


0:2B, 0:@B

to tudent that the' need to ju ti#' their evidence #or their c"aimA a' *h' it2 &ood evidence o that omebod' not "ookin& at the 1etri di h *ou"d #o""o* 'our ar&ument and a umption $ Hand back 1etri di he *ith bacteria in them /)p"ain to tudent ho* to count bacteria" co"onie 4a" o e)p"ainin& that the' are co"onie Ahundred o# thou and to mi""ion o# bacteriaAnot individua" bacteriaAu e thi to in pire a*eA3 n2t it ama6in& that there are mi""ion o# "ivin& thin& in the pa"m o# 'ou handD +nd that !od created them a""D5 b' markin& each on the bottom o# the 1etri di h *ith a permanent marker o the' don2t count co"onie mu"tip"e time $ Teacher *i"" *a"k around( a kin& tudent *here the' had the mo t bacteria" &ro*th( and *hat their evidence *a #or that( and i# the re u"t matched their prediction or not$ Teacher *i"" brin& the c"a back to&ether #or a #u"",&roup di cu ion o# the re u"t #rom the #ir t part o# the "ab$

0:@B, 0:B0

Student an *er the e Hue tion in #ront o# the *ho"e c"a : 8hat *a 'our c"aimD 8ere the re u"t i&ni#icantD 8ere the re u"t urpri in&D Student *i"" brain torm thin& that mi&ht a##ect bacteria" &ro*th( and &ive rationa"e $

0:B0, 0:BB

Teacher a' ( F>rom *hat 'ou a"read' kno*( *hat 'ou2ve "earned #rom thi "ab( and #rom the concept *e ta"ked about on Tue da'( *hat are ome variab"e 'ou think mi&ht a##ect bacteria" &ro*thA either cau e bacteria to &ro* more or to &ro* "e $G Dra* a chart on the board *ith a co"umn #or F&ro* moreG and a co"umn #or F&ro* "e $G 8rite do*n a"" u&&e tion b' tudent ( a kin& each tudent *ho provide a po ibi"it' to a' *h' the' think it i that *i"" a##ect &ro*th and ho* it *i"" a##ect it$ + k Hue tion to en ure that the "i t contain environmenta" #actor "ike temperature and moi ture( a *e"" a the a##ect o# product 4c"eaner ( a"coho"5 on bacteria" &ro*th$ 3n thi econd ection( 'ou2re &oin& to de i&n an e)periment to te t the a##ect o# one variab"e on bacteria" &ro*th$ I/)p"ain 6one o# inhibition( and p"ace out product 'ou have avai"ab"e to te tA a' that 'ou can &et other materia" ( *ithin rea on( i# the' a k 'ou be#ore the end o# thi c"a $J Kore than one &roup can2t te t the ame variab"e( take ome time to di cu and *hen 'ou2re read'( te"" me( and 32"" *rite 'our variab"e on the board$ Then 'ou can *ork on de i&nin& 'our e)periment$ 8ork throu&h the econd part o# the "ab up throu&h( but not inc"udin&( the ob ervation ection$ Teacher *a"k around( a kin& tudent *hat the' *i"" be te tin&( and makin& ure the' are p"annin& #air te t 4on"' chan&in& one important variab"e( and contro""in& a"" the other important variab"e 5$ Teacher *i"" introduce the ar&umentative *ritin& a i&nment$ + k: 3# there are o man' bacteria

Student *i"" decide *hich variab"e the' *i"" te t$ The re t o# the time the' *i"" u e to de i&n their e)periment

0:BB, 1:10

1:10, 1:20 1,1?,1@

Closure 4conc"u ion(

Student *i"" a k an' Hue tion the' have about the a i&nment$

ever'*here( do 'ou think the' a"" make u ickD 3# there are he"p#u" bacteria( do think it2 po ib"e that tr'in& our be t to ki"" them a"" i badD =r i it &ood to ki"" them a"" to make ure *e don2t &et that one cu"mination( that i badD 3n thi re earch a i&nment( 'ou can *rap,up5 pick either ide( a "on& a 'ou have a ound cienti#ic ar&ument$ There i a chart *ith the &uide"ine #or cienti#ic ar&umentation on 'our a i&nment heet( and the rubric hou"d &ive 'ou a &ood idea o# *hat 32m e)pectin&$ Thi a i&nment i due ne)t Thur da'( o an' time 'ou have "e#t( 3 *ou"d &et tarted *ith 'our re earch$ 4-ubi tar 3DE 24@2B175$ /our reflection about t e lesson7 including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement7 as well as ideas for im!rovement for ne8t time. 48rite thi a#ter teachin& the "e on( i# 'ou had a chance to teach it$ 3# 'ou did not teach thi "e on( #ocu on the proce o# preparin& the "e on$5 +na"'6in& the data #rom the #ir t part o# the "ab *ent Huite *e""( and tudent *ere ab"e to u e their data to make c"aim about *here( o# the three p"ace the' te ted( the mo t bacteria *ou"d be$ De i&nin& the econd part o# the e)periment *a a "itt"e rou&her$ Student *ou"d pick a variab"e to te t( but then not kno* ho* to te t it 4even thou&h 3 &ave the e)amp"e o# te tin& *ith a 6one o# inhibition( and te tin& an environmenta" #actor *ou"d reHuire "itt"e thou&ht5$ B' the end o# the c"a ( thou&h( a"" &roup had an inve ti&ation de i&ned( and 3 on"' &ave minima" &uidance 43 didn2t te"" an' &roup *hat to do5$ >or improvement ne)t time( 3 *ou"d probab"' cut o## *ork on data ana"' i a "itt"e ooner 4it2 on"ine( o the' can *ork on it "ater5( to &ive more time to de i&n their inve ti&ation( o it *ou"d be ver' *e"" thou&ht,out b' the end o# c"a ( becau e in order #or "e on @ to &o mooth"'( a *e"",de i&ned e)periment i crucia"$ The *ritin& a i&nment( 3 did not &et to a i&n to thi c"a 4the'2re probab"' &"ad to not have the home*ork5( but comin& up *ith the idea *a #unAbacteria in &enera" &et uch a bad rap( that 3 *anted tudent to &ain ome e)perience *ith in#ormation about both &ood and bad bacteria$ +" o( the idea o# makin& it an ar&umentative *ritin& a i&nment i Huite re"evant to the &oa" o# doin& cience( becau e cienti t are a"*a' &atherin& e)perimenta" and re earch data to dra* conc"u ion and upport ar&ument $