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Mallory Weast Final Reflection At the beginning of the semester I was a little confused about the inquiry project

and the process I was going to have to use to get there. owever! after tal"ing about popular culture in class and discussing the many elements of pop culture! I felt li"e I had somewhat of an idea of what I was going to write about. Although! the idea of writing an eight to ten page paper still seemed stressful to me. Many of the assignments and activities that we did throughout the semester helped me to discover what I wanted my topic to be. #he activity we did on the first day of class helped me reali$e that popular culture consisted of many different elements. %rior to this activity I was not aware of what popular culture really meant. I then reali$ed that I was most familiar with television and reality television in particular and this happened to be what interested me the most. Additionally! many of the in&class writings helped me dig deeper into my topic and discover the many elements of reality television. Finally! I came to the conclusion that my paper was going to address the positive and negative effects of reality television. After I learned how to research and find reliable! helpful articles! the research process was a little easier. owever! sometimes it was difficult finding articles that supported my question and provided helpful information. I used scholarly articles from the database system and I used newspaper and maga$ine articles to bac" up my claim that there are positive and negative effects of reality television. Following researching! I had to ta"e the time and pull the facts I found into my paper and ma"e it interesting. #he introduction assignment was helpful because it taught me how to write an interesting introduction. Additionally! it allowed me to get a page and a half out of the way. It

Mallory Weast helped me out that the first four pages were due before the whole paper because this allowed me to get started without having to write the whole thing. %eer reviewing the first four pages was beneficial because getting advice about how to better your paper is always helpful. 'etting my peers advice was a great way to better my paper because they would tell me what I should add to ma"e it more interesting. Also! peer reviewing my peers( papers was helpful because I was able to see how they organi$e their paper. Writing my inquiry paper was a learning e)perience. I am now aware of the process I should ta"e to write a successful paper. #his assignment made me loo" at writing in a different way. *p to this point! I viewed writing as a hassle and it was not something I enjoyed doing. owever! now I "now that writing is just a way to e)press yourself and your ideas. #his paper has taught me to ta"e writing one step at a time. All in all! the lessons I learned in this +nglish class will help me improve my writing in the future.