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Gloria Chow March 15, 2013 MGT3121-Prof.

Ganguly Homework Assignment #2 Question 1: The lifetime of a battery is normally distributed with a mean life of 40 hours and a standard deviation of 1.2 hours. Find the probability that a. a randomly selected battery lasts longer than 42 hours z =(x-)/ = (42-40)/(1/2) = z= 1.66666667 z= 1.6666667 0.9525 1-(0.9525)= .0475 P 4.75% 4.8% b. a randomly selected battery lasts between 43 and 45 hours z =(x-)/= (43-40)/(1.2)= 2.5 -> z=2.5 .9938 z =(x-)/=(45-40)/(1.2)=4.166667 -> z=4.16 .9998 P( a<Z<b)= P(z<b)-P(z<a) .9998-.9938=.006= .6% Question 2: Determine the UCL and LCL for the X-Bar and the R-Chart for the sample size of 6. X=3.303 and R=.4533 R-Chart UCL= D4*(R)= (2.004)*(.45333)=.90847332 LCL= D3*(R)= (0) * (.45333)= 0 X-Chart UCL= X + A2*(R)= (3.303) + (0.483)*(.4533)= 3.521 LCL= X A2*(R)=(3.303)-(0.483)*(.4533)=3.281

Question 3: Consider the figure above and assume that the title search time has changed to 60 minutes. Based on the new data, determine the following, a. The bottleneck operation and the corresponding system capacity The bottleneck operation = Title search CT=60min Corresponding system capacity= 1 applicant/hour

b. The rush order flow time 45 minute + 60 minute + 15 minute= 120 minute. Question 4: As a process analyst with a Hospital, you have been assigned the task to figure out the possible delays associated with admitting and treating patients in the ER. Please provide a fishbone / cause-effect diagram to analyze the problem.




Monitors not working properly Monitors errors Ambulance not arriving on time

Not enough nurses Not enough physicians Nurses not doing job correctly Doctor delays Medical staff arrives late to bring patients to rooms

Putting patients in wrong room Forgot to check in patients Late patient discharged Slow process of seeing the doctor Slow process of collecting patient information Delayed with admitting and treating patients at the ER

Lack of hospital beds Lack of IV pumps and monitors Medical Supplies not readily available at patients room

Non-urgent visits late patients patients gives in-accurate information

Patient document error Missing medical information