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INSETA is managed by Sandra Dunn, Chief Executive Officer. INSETA has a permanent staff of 25. Other senior appointments include Sharon Snell - Operating Officer, Tumi Peele Learnerships Manager, Vincent Mulaudzi - Corporate Services Manager, Adeline Singh - Skills Development Manager, and Neesha Naidoo - ETQA Manager. The offices of the INSETA are located in Parktown, Johannesburg. INSETA VISION INSETA promotes and enables quality skills development through funding education and training in South Africa to meet the national skills agenda and contributes to transformation in the sector

The INSETA represents the following constituents within the insurance sector: Short-term insurance

Life insurance Short term insurance Insurance and Pension Funding Risk management Health care benefits administration Unit trusts Funeral Insurance Reinsurance Pension Funding and Activities auxiliary to Financial Intermediation.

The insurance sector is a rapidly evolving, growing and developing major player in the South African economy. Over 4000 employers have registered with the South African Revenue Services as levy payers within the insurance sector. INSETA represents an industry with a very wide range of employers, many of whom are very small (about 10 employees) and very large

employers (in excess of 12000 employees). The majority of the workforce represents skilled and highly skilled employees. A Council, which comprises of business, labour and the state govern the affairs of the INSETA. SETAs are registered as public entities and as such, comply with the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act. INSQA, INSETAs ETQA division has been accredited by the South African Qualifications Framework as an Education and Training Authority. INSETA has outsourced non-core functions such as financial and IT administration to Deloitte and the Project Management of Surplus Funds and Discretionary grants to PricewaterhouseCoopers thus allowing it to concentrate on its core functions.