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tox TAMIL PROVERBS, WITH THEIR TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH. Dye . yetensdp Cum.Bs ypimaeu wésorror ? Having placed the thing on the palm, why lick the back of the band? + sy Ger inniis Cua@eper. He speaks artfully. . 8B gamut sien. Heaven is the help of the helpless. 1 8 R4GS Osise@rn g%nr, God Himself is the help of the helpless. . 62 Dene govEd cere. The word of the destitute does not reach the assembly. An assembly of learned men or men in power, The words of the ~ poor, whether they relate to oppression, or to other injuri opinion, are not likely to find admission where alone they can avail. + 46S S208 Quran gs 498g), Light breaks on the head of the destitute. Blame, or suspicion, will falt on the head of the unprotected and friendless. ‘The poor are at work by break of day. + 5B Qu gai gs Que Ir2or, 4 srayid Qarcref yxmt, The destitute brings forth a female child, and that on Friday, under the star Parédam. 2 upOnrsp. “Used'of one suffering from an accumulation of evils The con- dition of the parent, the sex of the child, the day of its birth and its ruling star are alike inauspicious. 8. 2Boud) UGA Co.Angr ? What:! is tribute demanded of the destitute? 9. ss Bo 9G jrsMo Osfyid, The beauty of the mind appears in the face. 10. 9548 gird sri sribsergud ps9 ys ACu, Though the Agatti—Coronilla grandiflora,—brings forth by . thousands, its fruit remains ungathered. Spoken of the beneficent acts of one not held‘in ‘estimation, and whose kindness ix not therefore appreciated. ‘The proverb is also used of a miser whose lreaxures are useless. ¥SIULOEOsrcnCast cronCop scrorér serQaQaAp gy ? Does the thief steal in expectation of being caught? ¥ co 2. ystucvamse ypvsgéroh, gp iCurerageg, rug Qos rrgn, He who was caught was under the influence of Saturn in the eighth sign, and he who escaped, did so, under the influence of Saturn in the ninth. Saturn situated in the eighth sign ‘from that of one's birth ix supposed lo exercise a most malignant influence. This opinion o A the Hindus appears in many of their Proverbs. : Hindu Astronomy is made the foundation of @ vast system of Astrology. ‘the real movements and the relative positions of the ‘planets are wrought into a systematic connection with a great vaciety of arbitrary divisions of the signs of the Zodiac, and of the ‘twenty-seven Lunar Mansions. To these bodies are added various Mythological - appendeges, as besata, birds, trees, &c,, all of which, of course, being a part of the fine-spun theory, help to form. in the view of the people generally, a more recondite and imposing system than that of Astronomy itself. The Astrological dogmas of Tadia have-an important bearing on all the domestic arrangements and practices cf the people They TAMIL PROVERBS. 3 I extonti to a great variety of popular superstitions which ran out into every department of life, ‘Thisis seen in the lucky and unlucky | months, days and other divisions of time, in the horoscope, which ' has a powerful controlling influence iu marriage, and in other matters relating to the settlement of families and in the more general prognostics for the year as given in the Hindu Calendar. Astrology in its popular developments exerts a powerful influence on all classes of Hindu Society. 1B. getiou Gp ssacr seroma, yy lUKAIo OGisr Qwverar, sone BIE Opi s0@evrsiren P Ifhe who has the ladle be one's own servant, what matters it whether one be séated first or last at the feast ? ‘The Agappai—iadle—here referred to is made of a piece of “cocoanut shell with suitable wooden handle, The shell being very hard and not porous is well suited for the purposes of a spoon or ladle. It is easily cleaned, and well adapted for earthen cooking vessels, It may be seen in every cooking room or shed throughout the Tamil country, VA, ged aps aa aod, As grain becomes cheaper, enjoyment increases. 15, syed wold 506) sy epetd ncAytd, ysld Genmbsre 655 Grpy, If grain abound, the five also will abound ; if grain be scarce, the five will be so. 16, eld wo pmeo aeerid weAujio, ys GorpssTH erdvovrin Soouyid, Tf grain abounds, all things abound, if grain be scarce, all thinga are scarce. 7. yoo Dts bor epa, LL QGisTe ELL ums, Tf apart, long friendship, if together, the least touch will provoke hatred, 18, 50 QGRSrOL VePsujid vpartid, When spart, even enmity becomes friendships