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Slavery and its impact on the lives of Africans and others Rationale: There were differences between slaves

in the Americas and slaves in Africa. Chattel slaves were used in the Americas (were property). In Africa there were different reasons, chattel being one of them. These differences impacted the cultures of each land significantly Curriculum Frameworks: WHI.12, 20 WHII 8 NCSS: Culture & Time, Continuity and Change Learning Objectives: SWBAT: Define Chattel slavery. Identify the consequences to the slave trade and how they impacted the different nations. Teaching Methods: Interactive notes, Group work Procedure: 5 min Opener: Coffee, chocolate and tea- All had a naturally bitter taste. What made them palatable to Europeans was the addition of sugar. With (slavery) there would have been no sugar Students will write on this. What is being said here and what do they think about it? Feelings? 5- 10 min Activator: Does anyone recycle? Bottles for return? Try and fix things up so that you can sell them for a profit? o Introduce the concept of slave recycling. People would by sick or injured slaves cheaply and try and nurse them back to health to try and sell them at high price and make a profit. 20-30 minutes Activity with The story of a slave reading o Students will be searching the text for evidence to help support answers to certain questions. o Discuss the evidence that they come up with. This will be an individual activity that I will collect. o Can be graded as a reading quiz. 10 minutes The Story of us Clip on the Slave trade- 4 minutes o o o Why were the slaves bought and sold? What do they mean by industrial slavery? http://www.history.com/shows/mankind-the-story-of-all-of-us/videos/african-slavetrade What were the wants of kingdoms of Africa? What could they sell? What happened as African Slavers received more profits and trades? What was the solution that some communities had to avoid slave trade?

Assignment discovery: Slave Trade o o o o


10-15 minutes Notes on the shifting impacts on Africa o Social, Political and Economic o Define: Chattel slavery, 25- 30 minutes Hand out Riches and Misery: The Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade o Break student pairs into 9 groups each section of the reading will have 3 groups assigned to it. o Students will work with their partner to discuss the consequences of their given selection o Take notes on the important consequences you find o Come together to talk about the consequences of each region Add these to the back of our map to make sure that they can study.

Assessment: quotes they pull out from the Equiano reading, ability to give me a consequence from the riches and misery reading. Materials: Excerpt from the story of a slave. Riches and Misery article. Graphic organizers, PPT on impact of slave trade on africa http://www.pbs.org/wonders/fr_e3.htm http://www.slideshare.net/DarielBaptiste/assess-the-impact-of-the-atlantic-slave-trade-on-w-africa-upto-the-1800-recovered http://discoveringbristol.org.uk/slavery/people-involved/enslaved-people/enslaved-africans/

The Story of a Slave

Who was kidnapped along with Equiano?

Is Equianos first slave stop in the Americas?

How were slaves (including Equiano) sometimes treated in Africa? Please describe them and provide textual evidence. (At least two quotes)

What was the boat like? And describe his reaction? Provide evidence for your answer

Which place did Equiano prefer to be a slave? Why? Use evidence to support your answer.