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Claflin University School of Education

EDUC 450: Professional Clinical Practice Reflective Lesson Plan Model Name: Emynee Garrett Date: September 13, 2013


Title of Lesson
Is this lesson original idea? If not, from what source did I borrow this lesson? http://www.slideshare.net/vrburton/compare-contrast-minilesson?utm_source=slideshow02&utm_medium=ssemail&utm_campaign=share_slideshow_loggedout

Source Subject Area (s)

English 9 Grade Level

Curriculum Standards
Describe the lessons activities and content to provide a clear overview of the lesson.

Description and Background Information

The lesson will aid students in comparison/contrast statements using a Venn Diagram and Summary Statement

Lesson Objectives

What will students be able to do at the conclusion of this lesson? Make sure that your objective(s) are measurable. At the end of the lesson, studenst will be able to: 1) Create a Venn Diagram and Summary Statement as a class 2) Create a Venn Diagram and Summary Statement independently and then compare the results with their classmates 3) Apply practiced skills to create a Venn Diagram and Summary Statement independently for assessment

How will I vary these objectives for students who do not understand the material? How will I vary these objectives for students who have already mastered the concept? How will I vary these objectives for students who are presently learning English?

Varying Objectives for Individuals Needs

Why is it important for the students to learn this content?

Statement of Purpose
What materials and supplies are needed to help your students achieve the stated objectives? What will the teacher need? What will the students need? What other resources are needed? Will you use

Materials and Resources

resource speakers?

Anticipatory Set

What will you do to motivate the students and get their attention? What is the hook that will serve as a focus for the lessons activities? To motivate the students I will teach the skill initially with two exciting pieces of writing.


How will I find out what students already know about this topic?

What will I do to show students what is expected?

Teacher Modeling or Demonstration

What will we do together as they learn how to succeed at the new task?

Guided Practice Checking for Understanding

What questions will you ask to determine if students understand so far? What techniques or strategies will be used to determine if students understand so far? What will students do by themselves to show that they have internalized the knowledge? Students will use the Venn Diagram to compare two things such as their mother and father or two parts of grammar such as nouns and gerunds.

Independent Practice


How will I conclude the lesson and relate it to future experiences? How will you wrap up the lesson to reinforce concepts taught during the lesson? I will conclude the lesson by allowing them to see that they can not only use this in English, but in other classes. I will also allow time to hand out the assessment and explain what it is that they need to do. What will students do to demonstrate what they have learned?

Assessment (attach to lesson plan) Extension Activities

Students will use their learned skill to compare two of Shakespeares sonnets, Shall I compare thee to a summers day and My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun in the form of a Venn Diagram and will also provide a Summary Statement. What can students do at home or in the classroom to apply the knowledge or skills? How could you use your colleagues or community agencies to improve student performance?

How will you use technology to assist students with learning the concepts? What technology will you use to enhance the delivery and comprehension of your content?

How will you connect this lesson with other content areas across the curriculum? The Arts:

Connection Across the Curriculum


Physical Education:


Describe the strengths of your instructional techniques, strategies and classroom management. Describe the strengths of student engagement.

Describe the weaknesses of your instructional techniques, strategies and classroom management. Describe the weaknesses of student engagement.

Weaknesses Suggestions for Improvement

What would you change when teaching this lesson again?

Revised 6-2013