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Hugo Guevara Burkean Source Dialogue Assignment While jogging around at a park one day, I noticed a couple of guys

sitting in the middle of a field with soccer jerseys of prominent world teams and players, talking about soccer in America. In my interest about the topic they were discussing, I slowly approached them and stared listening to what they had to say. The first man, who had a U.S. national soccer team jersey on, was talking saying, look, soccer in America has not alwasys been a very popular sport. When sports culture started to develop in the late nineteeth and early twentieth centuries, nativism and nationalism shaped an American self-image that clashed with the non-American sport of soccer. Essentially the American pride in sports like baseball, basketball, and especially football (which it created) has stopped soccer to become very popular in the U.S. Quickly following up, the second man there with a Barcelon-Messi jersey said, but soccer has increased in popularity over the past couple of years due to the cultural globalization in the U.S. As more people from different countries and cultures, where soccer is the main sport, have migrated and now live in America the more popular the sport has become. Especially due to the rising Hispanic population. I immediately agreed with the man wearing the Barcelona-Messi jersey saying, I completely agree with your point! Having myself grown up in a family and culture where soccer is the dominant sport, I have come to realize how I have also introduced the game to others and how it started a passion for the sport in those people like in me as well. Then the first man spoke again saying, dont get me wrong, I also believe soccer has grown in popularity over the past couple of years but I think that, that growth is more due to events like the formation of the MLS, 1994 World Cup, and the dominance of the U.S. womens national soccer team in the sport. Immediately after that the third man there wearing a Real Madrid-Ronaldo jersey gave

his thought saying, I disagree with you, I think that star players like David Beckham and Abby Wambach are what have made soccers popularity increase. Their presence has made the sport recognizable throughout all of America. Also, the production of EA Sports FIFA franchise has also contributed to the liking and knowledge of the sport since it has become a very popular game even among those who dont play soccer. I then said, I dont like your jersey, but you do have a point. Having athletes like those in the sport certainly has increased soccers popularity and expansion in the U.S. But I also think that without the formation of the MLS we would have never seen a growth in the sports fan base here. The man with the Real Madrid-Ronaldo jersey responded saying, well yeah I guess, considering the MLS equals MLB in popularity with kids now and with poll from 2012 determining that soccer was Americas second most popular sport for those aged 12-24. After hearing his response I noticed it was getting late, so I got up and said goodbye leaving the discussion that looked like it was to keep going forever.