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Fellow Butler County Republican,

This fall, our party has the opportunity to regain our position as the party that best represents the
values of the people of Butler County.

We believe that the person our party endorses for Butler County Commissioner must be a person
of unquestioned personal integrity who will fight for the citizens of our great community. We need
someone with the experience and qualifications to do the job right – and for the right reasons. We need
someone who will work hard for the people of Butler County. We believe that Jose Alvarez is the best-
qualified candidate.

Jose has a long history of outstanding public service. He served ten years as a West Chester Township
trustee, five of those years as president of the board. As trustee, Jose worked with a three-person
board that represented over 58,000 residents, employed almost 350 people and managed an annual
budget close to $30 million. During that time, over 7,000 jobs were created in West Chester and West
Chester became the economic engine of Butler County providing an additional $8 million toward the
county’s annual revenue stream. No other candidate has that level of experience.

Jose’s vision and passion have always extended beyond West Chester to include all of Butler County.
Jose has also long served the Butler County GOP. A lifelong Republican, Jose has served on our party’s
Central Committee, Executive Committee, Screening Committee and Policy Committee.

We know Jose Alvarez to be a decisive public servant who respects the taxpayers and acts as a trusted
steward of their hard-earned money. He applauds the hard work and dedication of the people employed
by the county. We trust Jose to make Butler County the best place to live, work and raise a family.

We believe that Jose is the best person to bring integrity and professionalism to the office and help
make a brighter future for Butler County. We respectfully ask you to join us in endorsing Jose Alvarez
for Butler County Commissioner.

Scott Bressler Quentin Nichols Gerald Miller

Chris Wunnenberg Mark Sharringhausen Bill Marquet

Dave Kern Dan Warncke Shawn Webster

Dave Lindenschmidt Tom Willsey David Bruno Jr.

Dorothy Roth Robert A. Ison Sean Maloney

Larry Brueshaber Larry Miller