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Lesson Plan

Teacher Name: Amanda Lengacher Grade Level:

Lesson: Tulip Collage

4th grade

Theme/Issue of the Curriculum: Students will use a variety of art media to create works of art based on their experience with nature and art. Fine Arts Standards

Met by the Objectives:

VA.4.7 2008 - CREATING ART: Studio Production: Understand and apply elements and principles of design in personal works of art, utilizing a variety of media, tools, and processes Students apply the elements and principles and distinguish varied lines, shapes, textures, colors, space, and the use of balance, proportion, rhythm, variety, repetition, and movement in works of art. They differentiate media and related visual characteristics and utilize appropriate media and processes in artwork, demonstrating safe and proper use of materials.

VA.4.6 2008 - CREATING ART: Studio Production: Develop a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas for artwork and utilize skills of critique, reflection, and revision Students create artwork based on personal ideas, experiences, and emotions, demonstrating perceptual skills and using various symbols and subjects to communicate meaning. Work reveals a process of critique, reflection, and revision, application of self-assessment and peer critiques, and mutual respect.

Literacy Standards

Met by the Objectives:

VA.4.3 2008 - VISUAL LITERACY: Criticism and Aesthetics: Describe, analyze, and interpret works of art and artifacts Students describe and analyze properties in works of art, using appropriate vocabulary. They construct meaning from works and develop well-supported interpretations.

VA.4.5 2008 - VISUAL LITERACY: Criticism and Aesthetics: Reflect on and discuss the nature of art, aesthetic experience, and aesthetic issues concerning the meaning and significance of art Students discover personal meaning in works of art, recognizing that others' responses may differ. They discuss the nature of art and express personal viewpoints.

Lesson Objectives: o Students will. Create a tulip in a pot displayed in class with drawing, painting, cutting and pasting techniques. This will create a collage figure as an end result. o Measurable criteria: asses lesson plan and grades will be determined based on the students effort and creativity. o Timeframe: Students will create a tulip collage for 40 minutes

Lesson Plan
Literacy Skill-building:

1. Vocabulary: Artistic - having or revealing natural creative skill. Collage - a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing. Precise - marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
Writing assignment: Create a short paragraph to explain the different hues and color combinations they created when using the watercolor paints on the watercolor paper. Reading assignment: Written direction of the project that will be available. Oral presentation: Students will tell their classmates what color combinations they chose to use in their painting and how they created those colors.

Teacher Materials: Teacher made exemplar: Show previous work from past students and teachers own work. Special Needs Student adaptations: Helpers will be distributed if needed for each individual with special needs. Assistance will be given when it is needed. Painting techniques will be demonstrated and help will be administrated if needs. Safety scissors will be distributed along with glue sticks if needed. Learner Materials: Watercolor paints 2B pencil Bristle paper Watercolor paper Scissors Glue Paint pallets Water in cups Paper towels to dry brushes Paint brushes Procedures: DISCUSSION: (5 minutes) o Questions to be asked: How do I mix these colors to get the color that I want? How do you use watercolor paints? DEMONSTRATIONS: (5 minutes) o These are the techniques we will be using on this projects Students will learn how to use watercolor paints if they do not already know how. Students will also learn how to create different lightness and darkness along with different hues of colors with watercolor paints. o Show teacher made exemplars: Show teachers work to the class. o Show Historical/Multicultural exemplars Students will learn about the history of watercolor painting and discuss as a class. DESIGN/WORK SESSION: (20 minutes) o Students will paint three separated pages of watercolor paper with three different colors. o They will cut out the shapes of these painted pages and paste them with the matching shape on their tulip drawings on the bristle paper. CLEAN UP: (5 minutes) o Put materials away, clean pallets and cups, wipe down workstations, and throw away scraps.