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Global Environmental Sensor and Monitoring Market to Reach $17.6 Billion By 2 1!

Sensor networks allow distributed sensing capacity, real-time data visualization and analysis, and integration with adjacent networks and remote sensing data streams. Underpinning the development of networks is the miniaturization of electronics, the availability of massive data storage and computational capacity, and the Internet. echnical advancements, governmental regulations, and environmental concerns will drive steady growth in this market over the near term. !"" #esearch provides an in-depth analysis of the global environmental sensor and monitoring market through its report, $nvironmental Sensing and %onitoring echnologies& 'lobal %arkets. (ccording to the report, this market was valued at nearly )*+ billion in ,-*+ and is e.pected to reach )*+., billion by ,-*/. !"" #esearch e.pects the market to grow to )*0.1 billion by ,-*2, and register a five-year compound annual growth rate of 3.24 from ,-*/ to ,-*2. "se this re#ort to$ 'ain an overview of the global market for environmental sensing and monitoring technologies. (nalyze global market trends, with data from ,-*+, estimates for ,-*/, and projections of "('# through ,-*2. (ssess information on emerging growth areas, such as large-scale monitoring networks. $valuate breakdowns of sensor applications into categories including temperature sensing, moisture detection, and biological and chemical detection. #eview company profiles of major players in the industry.

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