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Review : Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan

This movie is taken from a true story of a girl named Gita Sesa Wenda Santika or more familiarly called Keke. At a very young age, she Soft Tissue Cancer disease that attacks the body. She was sentenced to only be able to live up to 3 months. Her father really fight her daughter's life. He was willing to spend his entire estate to the treatment Keke, anything will do for her healing. Keke also has a lover and very dear friend and care for her. Her boyfriend named Andi, Andi loved her though Andi knew that she had the disease. However, she was embarrassed and did not want to see Andi again since the cancer was actually made her face to turn into a monster. Thanks to his efforts and the prayers and support from people around Keke convicted recovered from her illness. It made the hardness and the people around him happy. However, unexpectedly the disease attacks the body back Keke. As before, her father returned to fight for her healing. But, in the end they can not fight destiny of God if eventually Keke had breathed her last. The reason I liked this movie because this movie inspired me to always be thankful for the blessings God has given, inspire me to keep trying, be patient and not easily discouraged. From this movie I also realized that my life was not alone, many people around me love me. From this movie I am also aware that all parents are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of their child. The best scene I like from this movie when Keke learned that he suffered from a dangerous illness, but she kept the spirit and continue to fight against the pain. If you want a good movie and that can motivate yourself I recommend this movie because this movie gives a lot of positive impact for us.