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Proposal for: The Law Offices of Rene Ibaez Rene Ibaez th March 26 ,2014

Represente b!: Aryana M. Ibaez "rizona #tate $ni%ersit! &'(1)2*(+4,14 aryibanez@aol.com aibanez1@asu.edu

Ibanez th March *0 , 2014 Law Offices of Rene Ibaez Re: Proposal of #er%ices -ear. Mr. Ibaez, I will not be ta/in0 12ch of !o2r ti1e an I o appreciate !o2r a0ree1ent to o b2siness with 1e. M! na1e is "r!ana Ibaez, I a1 c2rrentl! a senior at "rizona #tate $ni%ersit!, 1! choice of st2 ! is Technical 3o112nications an I will be assistin0 !o2 with the e4pansion of !o2r b2siness. I will also be creatin0 a presentation to allow !o2 to see the pro0ress that we are e4pecte to 1a/e. M! 0oal for !o2r co1pan! is to increase cliental b! creatin0 a website. 5 This website wo2l e4plain all the t!pes of law !o2 o, where !o2 are locate , how far !o2 are willin0 to tra%el, an rates. 5 This website will appear on s2ch sites as In ee , Lin/ en, an will be able to be 0oo0le as well. 5 6e will be able to create a web pa0e an lin/ it to social 1e ia sites an allow it to be share with others. 7! bein0 a%ailable online there will be an increase in !o2r re%en2e. I wo2l create a write 2p e4plainin0 which the possible hosts to s2pport the website are. 7ase on what !o2 are loo/in0 to spen on a 1onthl! basis or how co1ple4 !o2 want the site will 02i e 2s to the ri0ht host. Once we ha%e that fi02re o2t, we can 0o o%er the appearance of the site an what best s2its !o2r co1pan!. I will be oin0 1! best these ne4t se%en wee/s to perfect !o2r co1pan!s website an increase !o2r b2siness o%erall. I a1 eas! to reach, whether it is %ia cell or e1ail, I will alwa!s 0et bac/ to !o2 i11e iatel! if I o not pic/ 2p ri0ht awa!. Than/ !o2 for !o2r ti1e, "r!ana Ibaez &'(1)2*(+4,14 ar!ibanez8aol.co1

Reference for 72siness:


This is a small business; it brings in clients at a steady but slow pace. It lacks an online database. This company gains clients through the yellow pages, business cards, and word of mouth. This process is one which is out to date. An online database would increase revenue. A website could increase cliental, decrease hours worked, and relieve stress from Mr. Ibanez. It would decrease the commute, he would not have to be present in the office everyday, he could have appointments booked online which will notify him as to when he needs to be present in the office, and it will also offer a way to communicate with a wider cliental base. It is also a way to

gain partners for the fields of law he may lack.