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Jeffery Ludwig James Wilson Rhet 1312 April 1st 2014 Teamwork assignment. 1.

What are your strengths when working on a group project? My ability to think creatively, my driving, ambitious personality, my ability to orgainze a group and act as a leader, and my analytical mindset. 2. What are your weaknesses when working on a group project? My strict schedule doesn't allow for much time for collaboration outside of clas s in person, and my desire to have the work done typically makes me take on mor e tasks myself so that I know that they are completed. 3. What opportunities are there for you to shine during group work? If we need creative thinking or somebody to keep this project going on a timelin e I could easily fill either role. 4. Which of belbin's role fit you most closely(from one to three roles max, let' s say)? I'd have to say the best three for describing me are Completer/Finisher, Creativ e thinker, and Shaper. 5. What is good about those roles in group work, and where can you improve on yo ur group work performance? Together these roles allow me to guide the group towards a creatively handled as signment that is completed on time, but with the downside of needing everyone to follow the scheduling that I've created for it to succeed, thus making it even tougher on people who don't finish their work on time. 6. During last week's project, where did you shine, prove? I shined in my ability to keep our groups organized group part is completed, but I needed to improve in meline, so that I could use more of his final draft and where did you need to im and in making sure that our making john adhere to the ti during the final project.

7. If you work on another group projects next week (perhaps same groups or maybe different this time, but if i assign the groups again), what have you learned f rom the experience and the tips in this handout that you will do differently nex t time in order to improve a group work project? I will make a clear timeline with at least 2 days of excess time at the end so t hat we can work through our timeline and if any concerns came up we could have s ome extra time at the end to fix them before the project is due. 8. How can you learn more about the topic during group work next time? I can take more time to research the topic through a variety of articals, videos , critical reviews, forum posts (for some public opinions), and analytical piece s.