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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig James Wilson Rhet 1312 3/05/2014 Quiz 4 1. An enthymeme consists of a _____ and a ______. a.

Claim and a warrant 2. What is the position that you want your audience to accept? The thesis of your essay a. Claim 3. Also called a premise. A claim used to support another claim. Also called a because clause. a. warrant 4. An underlying assumption that turns an enthymeme into a complete logical structure. a. grounds 5. What is the argument that supports the grounds? a. enthymeme 6. What is the supporting evidence that causes the audience to accept your reasons a. backing 7. Kairos is an appeal to? a. timeliness 8. Ethos is an appeal to? a. Credibility 9. Logos is an appeal to? a. logic 10. Pathos is an appeal to? a. emotion