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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig James Wilson Rhet 1312 2/24/2014 How my semester is going.

The classes themselves arent getting me too far off, but I am seeming to have a very odd sleeping schedule this semester that is making me lack a real definitive daily schedule outside of going to class at my predefined times. It seems really odd to say, but theres many a day when Im completely nocturnal, though when these day actually occur is seemingly random. I think that the freedom that I have on the weekends is what really messes me up. Most days I will keep going and doing homework and working ahead until about 2 am and then put in about 6 hours get up at 8 and do classes, but, due to my friends having a similar sleep schedule, none of us are up after the 1pm-2pm section where we get off from class and so without the company to entertain each other well all usually take a few hours of napping and meet up at 3-5pm.