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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig James Wilson Rhet 1312 2/3/2014 Free writing Because today is a free write day

and Ive got nothing in particular that I wish to divulge Ive decided that Ill let the music you set up spur my thoughts and let this be a stream of consciousness piece. The piece is called mogwai by rave tapes and its a fairly soothing piece. The drums in the back make it a good writing/working piece because it helps to set a consistent and steady pace for someone to push forward, but in addition another feature that draws my attention is the repeated piano key strikings on top of the tracks main feature of the guitar. The piano is being used to keep the piece light and unpredictable enough that it doesnt fall into a loop that is endlessly repeating itself and is being used in my opinion to emulate the concept of inspiration, which like the piano can be quite unpredictable and is always bringing something new and substantial into the world despite it only morphing the sounds of what is and not overpowering or canceling them out. The track has changed considerably now and due to the time that has passed I believe that it is a new track altogether, although I do not know what precisely is the name of the piece. This song is much more electronic than the previous one with the guitars consistent undertones for the previous piece being replaced by an electronic tone that rises in pitch during its short second long appearances.