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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig, John Hanson, Daniel Olah, Trevor Forthman James Wilson Rhet 1312 1/31/2014 Practicing

using cited information with 7 questions relating to an article In these questions we answer by: summarizing the source, paraphrasing the source, quoting short passages from the source using quotation marks, quoting long passages from the source using block quotes, quoting parts of a sentence, quoting and omitting, and quoting and changing. a. (summarizing) Misunderstanding regarding the bill is causing unnecessary political strife.

b. (quoting parts of a sentence) Matt Taibbi describes McArdle as a Ayn Rand Devotee. c. (quoting short passages from the source using quotation marks) the whole point of even trying health care reform was to correct a proved-broken system that left a huge plurality of the population living for decades in a kind of permanent mental health crisis d. (quoting long passages from the source using block quotes) So to sum up: A whole bunch of people were handed health insurance in 2008 when the state of Oregon expanded its Medicaid enrollment. In the first few years after these people got insurance, they went to emergency rooms in large numbers, probably because they'd been living their whole lives in a system where the ER is the only place where they couldn't be turned away for having no coverage/money. a. In this section of the text Taibi restates his previous statements on the what had occurred during the first induction of healthcare, but restates it using common day

language so that the everyman, who has no knowledge of medical vernacular can grasp the full meaning of what had been occurring.

e. (quoting and changing) Taibi states that [he] thought it was a flawed bill, rushed into being for political reasons, that was destined to leave a huge chunk of our health care problems unsolved, in the process creating complex new burdens for taxpayers while preserving regulatory and financial handouts to the predatory health insurance industry. f. (quoting and omitting) Taibi states McArdle jumped all over it... digging into other parts of the study. g. (paraphrasing) McArdles information is from an Oregon Medicaid study that took place from 2011 to 2013