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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig Comp II Daily Writings 1/24/14 Thus far my first two weeks of returning to campus have

gone fairly well, though there were some adversities to overcome. I was met with my first challenge when I was required to meet with the CLC director Nick Steele for academic advising in regards to maintaining my scholarship through CLC for the remainder of my schooling here. My last semester wasnt up to par, so it was a very quick meeting to make sure I knew how well I would need to perform to be able to meet projections. I consider myself to be quite lucky in that I am overly subjected to nervousness when encountering meetings with people who control my financial welfare, but the situation still was fairly stressful. In addition to this Ive also had to move my scheduling so that I may better take advantage of my meal plan because I previously was in class all 3 hours of lunch and, due to a staggeringly low amount of food at the dorms, I saw no other action that to rearrange my schedule so that I would have to get up an hour earlier and get myself acquainted with a new art history professor at a new time mid-week during the initial week back. While it has so far been low key Ive prepared myself for the worst and will hopefully be able to face the rest of the semester in stride.