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Jeffery Jedi Ludwig 1/15/14 Comp II My experiences with writing Ive always had a certain type of euphoria that

consumes me when it is that I am able to creatively write or use the written medium to convey a well thought-out argument. Thinking back, I believe its mainly due to both my mother and her eccentricities, such as reading the dictionary at the breakfast table, as well as the myriad of great English teachers that Ive had throughout my primary education. Since middle school Ive gotten to write and publish a book through the student tales project, read and create an animation based on the divine comedy, act out and analyze various Shakespearean plays, and knock out college hours early thanks to my schools AP program, where I achieved a 4 on the AP exams for English lit and language exams. I personally believe that the most potent mark of an intelligent mind is shown through ones analysis skills, and due to this Ive been honing my craft since I was thirteen years old. The only English teacher in entire schooling that Ive ever disliked was a woman by the name of Jane Slocum, but this was not due to style or content presentation. During my freshman year of high school I was unlucky enough to have her, when her daughter Sara had been crowned Miss Arkansas, so instead of learning and analyzing in her class Id often have to hear about beauty pageant procedure, how to get a spray tan, and other frivolous nonsense. I hope to have an enjoyable semester with you sir and look forward to experiencing analysis with you.