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Keona Barbee, Taylor Brown, Gjetrud Djupvik, Curtisha Hamilton, Kaitlin Keltner, Jedi Ludwig James Wilson RHET

1312 2/12/14 Class discussion 1. A) Desire to sell the car. Using the appeals to say how good the car is for you, see how they use the leaf to stimulate that the car is great for the environment? The green background also implies that the car is ecofriendly. B) Several voices: how cars burn excess amount of oil in the air, conversation is that the current excess of cars on the road is causing are air to be pollute due to oil burning process; The minority who cares enough about the environment (recyclers), Experts that speak of cars adding to the effects of global warming or air pollution as a whole; Stop the pollution; Stage set by higher recognition of air pollution due to advancement of science allowing for greater detection. C) People looking to buy a car who wants to go green; in order to gain audience because their main marketing area is that it wont pollute as much as the other making a smaller carbon print. D) To sell the car; persuading to the audience the car that its best for the environment thus great for you. E) Text written says that Its taking 30years to build a car like every other one 2. Logos: how you can get much more out of the vehicle cause there is no stopping for gas every so often.; 5year manufacture warranty and road side assistant Ethos: Data from fuel economy test to show true data of their vehicle claims Pathos: If we all drive Prius were all caring because its helping the environment so if my peer drives the car they care about me because their improving my way of life. (Quality of life) Successful ? : Kind of they skipped over the ethos claim a bit but really went in detail with ethos and pathos. 3. CHAPTER NINE Use of type: by using the plain white font without hard edges represents purity and simplicity. Use of space of layout: Zoom in on head by using this layout they cause attention to their image with text at the bottom so if they want to learn more about the product its clear and easy. Use of Color: All colors represent earth tones. Use of images and graphics: The leaf mask draws emphasizes that natural tools can fight pollution as well not just scientific tools.