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Electronic Sales
and Services
Cranium Communica-
tions is a small com-
pany, founded right
here in Medulla Ob-
longata. We special-
ize in electronic sales
and services. Because
were such a small
company, it means
we can give the customer our full atten-
tion and service, ensuring that they are
purchasing the best product to suit
their needs. But just because were
small doesnt mean we dont have the
latest in electronics, like the latest
smartphones from all of the brands
you can trust. Stop by and see for your-
The smartest store in
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scribing picture
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Cranium Communications
Cranium communications is your best bet
for finding quality, low priced electronic
goods and services in Medulla Oblongata.
We have a variety of new electronics for all
of your communication needs, and we make
a serious effort in try-
ing to keep these up
to date with the cur-
rent standards of tech-
nology and the chang-
ing trends. We stock
cell phones, smart
phones, televisions,
radios, speakers, hoe
entertainment stations
and consoles, and so much more. Come
Why Choose Cranium?
With all of the variety thats currently being
offered in the electronics goods and services
field, why should you, the customer, choose
Cranium Communications over one of the
bigger guys? Because at Cranium Communi-
cations we do something that they cant,
which is take the customer seriously and see
you as people, not just another number. At
one of the larger stores, when you go to one
of the larger store, the untrained teenager
who waits on you may or may not know
what hes talking about, but wants you to
buy the most expensive product there so he
can get a nice commission. But this isnt
how we work in Cranium Communications.
Our staff is trained to know about all of the
products in the store, and when a new one
comes in we know everything about it be-
fore we sell it to the customer. On top of
that, we pay our employees well, so we
dont need commission, which means when
you come into our store youre in a pressure
free environment.
What about the product?
The product we sell is top notch. Its always
going to be brand name, and before we
purchase it we make sure that we do our
best to research and ensure its quality. If
its not, we wouldnt dream of selling it to
you! On top of that, we have suppliers who
we buy in bulk from, which means weve got
the best prices in town. As for the repairs
we do, theyre all done by trained profes-
sionals, not people off the street. Theres a
rigorous process we put our employees
through if they want to be a repair person.
But in the end the people who we choose for
the job, the ones that can pass the test, are
all dedicated and passionate about their
work. For them this isnt a job like waiting
tables, its something theyve been interest-
ed and practiced since they were young; its
something they truly are interested in, and
its this sort of passion that gives a quality
result. And to back these claims up, if we
sell you a product or do a repair that later
breaks, well fix it free of charge! Thats how
confident we are in our products and ser-
We hope you stop in and check us out, here
at Cranium Communications!
Cranium Communications CEO, Callum
123 Pineal Rd.
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4
Phone: 555-555-5555
Fax: 555-555-5555
At Cranium Commu-
nications, were the
smartest guys in
Why shop at Cranium Communications?
Cranium Communications