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Food Temperature Issues

Grandview Medical Center

Nutrition Services
# Room # Patient Name Hot Prob? Cold Prob? Notes
! 4107B Duane
All of the food items were at good temperatures
(eggs, hot chocolate)
" 4109A John
ot enough eggs at !rea"fast, !ut the temperature was
fine# $offee was warm enough and prune %uice was cold#
John mentioned he reall& en%o&s the 'ur"e&, (almon, and
)ot *oast#
# 4111A +enr& ,ggs were warm and the %uice was cold#
$ 4111B Jim

'he eggs and coffee could ha-e !een a little warmer
(.hen / wal"ed in the !rea"fast was pushed off to the
side, which could ha-e contri!uted to his opinion)
% 4119A )at ,-er&thing tasted fine and she reall& li"ed her egg omelet#
& 4119B 0ar&
'he eggs for !rea"fast were -er& warm and the orange
%uice was cold enough#
' 4117A Jean

Brea"fast was fine, !ut the coffee could ha-e !een a little
( 1119A 0arcus
'he oatmeal and cream of wheat were warm enough# 'he
fruit cup and chocolate mil" was -er& cold# +e also
mentioned he lo-ed the -egeta!le soup he had the night
) 1121B 0ar&
'he omelet and tur"e& sausage were warm# 'he orange
%uice was -er& cold#
!* 1101A )egg&
,-er&thing was fine# 'he tur"e& sausage was warm and the
%uice was cold#
# Room # Patient Name Hot Prob? Cold Prob? Notes
!! 1129B $ase&
'he food was a good temperature# 'he sandwich was
prett& good and at a fine temperature#
!" 1117A .illiam

'he stir fr& was sogg& and not warm enough# 'he coffee
was at a warm temperature#
!# 4113B 0ona

'he )ot *oast could ha-e !een a little warmer, !ut the
cottage cheese and cheeseca"e were at a good cold
!$ 1124B $atherine
'he $ream of )otato soup was -er& warm and delicious#
'he %uice was cold enough#
!% 1109A Bett&

'he (tir 4r& was not warm enough, !ut the applesauce was
nice and cold#
!& 4127B elson 'he tur"e& and mashed potatoes were warm#
!' 5106 *o!!in
'he )ot *oast was warm enough and the applesauce was at
a good temperature# Although, the salad did not taste -er&
!( 5109A *ic"
'he tur"e& sandwich was proper temperature and the
carrot ca"e was delicious7 *ic" mentioned he had the
mashed potatoes the night !efore and the& were warm#
!) 1112B 0ichael
'he roast tur"e& sandwich was a good temperature and the
4rench fries were warm#
"* 4110A *uth
'he tur"e& and mashed potatoes were at a good
temperature# 'he mil" was cold enough#
# Room # Patient Name Hot Prob? Cold Prob? Notes
"! 5103A 8inda
'he eggs were warm enough and the coffee was at a good
temperature# 'he tur"e& !acon was a little !urnt#
"" 5110B )aula 'he omelet was warm enough and the mil" was cold#
"# 4166B (i!&l
'he oatmeal was -er& warm# (he mentioned that o-erall
she has en%o&ed the food at the hospital#
"$ 1102A John

'he waffle was lu"ewarm and prett& tough, !ut the
oatmeal was warm enough# (+is son said the food was
sitting to the side for a little !efore he decided to eat#)
"% 4109A (ean
'he omelet was warm and e-er&thing in it was delicious#
'he parfait was cold#
"& 1109B *uth

'he chic"en !reast was at a warm temperature !ut the
4rench fries were a little sogg&# 'he potato soup was
delicious7 (he thought the food o-erall was prett& good#
'he night !efore she thought the $hic"en Bianco was
horri!le and the pot roast wasn9t hot enough and the
roasted -egeta!les were hard as roc"#
"' 4111B $harles
+e had )i::a and Broccoli (oup, which he said was
delicious and warm#
"( 4102B De!orah
(he had 0eatloaf, !a"ed potato, potato soup, and coffee#
(he said all of it was -er& warm and tast&# (he had an egg
omelet that morning that she lo-ed and was than"ful for
the diet office helping her count her car!s#
") 4113A elson
'he white fish was warm and delicious# +e ra-ed a!out the
delicious food at the hospital#
#* 5103B 8ori
'he grilled cheese was warm and toast& and the parfait
was cold# (he said she recei-ed her food in a timel&
#! 5102A 0o-ita

'he )ot *oast and mashed potatoes were warm, !ut the
-egeta!les were hard and tough to chew#

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