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ASME IIA SA 47 Ferritic Malleable Iron Castings

This specification covers ferritic malleable castings for general engineering usage at
temperatures from normal ambient to approximately 750F.
No precise quantitative relationship can be stated beteen the properties of the iron in various
locations of the same casting and those of a test specimen cast from the same iron !see
"ppendix #$%.
N&T' ( " complete metric companion to )pecification " *7 has been developed ( " *7+,
therefore- no metric equivalents are presented in this specification.
Referenced Documents
ASTM Standards:
" $5. )pecification for /inc 0oating !1ot23ip% on 4ron and )teel 1ardare
" 5*7 Test +ethod for 'valuating the +icrostructure of 6raphite in 4ron 0astings
" 7** Terminology 8elating to 4ron 0astings
' 9 Test +ethods of Tension Testing of +etallic +aterials
' $0 Test +ethod for :rinell 1ardness of +etallic +aterials
' $9 Test +ethods for 8oc;ell 1ardness and 8oc;ell )uperficial 1ardness of +etallic
' $*0 )tandard 1ardness 0onversion Tables for +etals !8elationship :eteen :rinell
1ardness- <ic;ers 1ardness- 8oc;ell 1ardness- 8oc;ell )uperficial 1ardness- and
=noop 1ardness%
Military Standard:
+4>2)T32$5? +ar;ing for )hipment and )torage
Federal Standard:
Fed. )td. No. $5. +ar;ing for 3omestic )hipment !0ivilian "gencies%
3efinitions(3efinitions for many terms common to iron are found in Terminology " 7**.
0astings ordered and produced under this specification are classified under the folloing
grades based on tests on separately cast test bars. )eparately cast test bar shall be poured
from the same lot of iron as the castings they represent and shall be heat treated ith those
castings except as provided in 7.5...
rade !"#$%
The first three digits of the grade designation indicate the minimum yield strength ! $00 psi% and
the last to digits indicate the minimum elongation !@ in 5 in.%.
C&emical Com'osition
The chemical composition of the iron shall be such as to produce the structural and mechanical
properties required by this specification.
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