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I completed my secondary education in science and mathematics stream from xxxxxxState
Education board, xxxx. I always keen to know the modern marvels of engineering, science and
development around the world in technological front. I was keen to read the news and
information about the new inventions and development in the field of engineering. So I thought
that it would be appropriate to choose engineering stream as my career path to sharpen my
skills. So I opted to join the engineering course with the specialization in Electronics and
Communication Engineering from xxxxxxx University, xxxxxxx and India.
During my under graduation studies in engineering, apart from curriculum studies I
constantly seek information about the latest achievements in the field of electronics and
communication through attending various conferences, seminars and symposiums conducted
in and out of the campus.
In my engineering studies, I had been attracted towards the development in computers and
had taken up some additional computer courses to know more about the computer languages
like C and Unix. Later it helped me a lot in my work .it is considered as added qualification in my
job interviews.
During my final year of engineering, I selected biomedical instrumentation and engineering
as elective subjects. That ignite my interest to pursue my career in medical electronic and
imaging field .So i got my first job in medical electronics field as a technical support engineer.
The medical electronics field was an emerging trend and I was excited to learn more
developments in the unknown area. I always believe constant updates of technical knowhow
and undying spirit to learn the new concepts would lead to a better career path in future.
I had joined and done the specialization in computer networking, networking design and
implementation in Novell Netware to improve my computer networking skills. My newly
acquired skills had made a positive impact on my workplace activities.
I attended application and technical specialization course on Electro physiology and
hemodynamic monitoring in critical patient care monitoring field. It enhances my knowledge in
that field.

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During my work, I periodically underwent various technical and management training
programs organized by the company. I have attended personal development program which
shaped up my skills to manage the team of people and developed the leadership within me to
lead the team effectively.

The development in medical imaging field revolutionized the image data transfer from one
part of the world to the other. This had lead to the development of common image data
transfer format called DICOM and HL7.i had enrolled in company sponsored online course on
DICOM AND NETWORKING FUNDAMENTALS and gained new knowledge to deliver the work

I had actively participated and learnt the Environmental, Health and safety (EHS) Hazard in
work place through company sponsored EHS update conferences and trainings. I learnt the
benefits of safety working environment and understood the need of environmental friendly
work practice. I have followed and practiced the safety practice in installation, commissioning
and servicing of High voltage X ray Imaging equipments. Apart from this I am the member of
Greenpeace India (NGO) and I support the environmental cause seriously.

During my job in xxxxxxxxx India, I had the opportunity to study and learn about SIX SIGMA
quality program through company organized trainings. The six sigma methodology is a measure
of quality that strives for near perfection. This methodology incorporates data and statistical
analysis into project-based workflow that allows business to make intelligent decisions about
where and how to incorporate improvements. I had effectively implemented the six sigma
methodology in service operation process and excited about the positive outcome of it. I had
demonstrated the six sigma skills effectively in my work and earned the SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT
CERTIFICATION from xxxxxxxx India.

I believe in continuous knowledge update and as a part of that initiative I actively participated
in cardio vascular engineer certification program xxxxxxxxxx and learnt the technical and the
application aspect of cardiovascular field required for the cardio vascular engineer. Later I had
enrolled in xxxxxxxx course and completed it successfully. I received the certification from
xxxxx. I acquired in depth knowledge in cardio vascular field.

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I had been nominated and sent for different service training program periodically. I had been
trained by xxxxxxxx in
Conventional Cardiac catheterization imaging system at xxxxxxxx
Angiomat contrast Injector at xxxxxxx India.
Power and Ground auditing training at xxxxxxxxxx India.
Hemodynamic and Electrophysiology Monitoring systems at xxxxxxxx
Digital Flat panel Angiography imaging system at xxxxxxxxxx
Digital angiographic imaging system at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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