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Dear Mr.

My name is Nikkia Sheridan. My sister, Haley Sheridan, was in one of your English 10A classes this past
year and she recommended it over regular English 10.
Over the summer I was planning to start on the summer work early, but I was enjoying the sun and
playing on a traveling softball team (though we didnt win all that much). When Im not playing softball I
like to draw, and hang out with my friends and family.
In the past, teachers have told me that my writing was less than satisfactory and I have lost some
confidence in it and my spelling is very questionable at times even though I enjoy reading. It is my hope
that this class will help me develop my writing, spelling and vocabulary skills. Also, I hope to be a little
more talkative in class, overcome my shyness and fear of public speaking, and be able to manage my
homework/ stress better.
I hope you are having a great summer,
Nikkia sheridan