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Cancelling a Work item / User

Decision Step based on an Event

Using Wait for Event Step
created by Mithun Shetty on Apr 15, 2014 6:55 AM, last modified by Mithun Shetty on Apr 15, 2014 7:09 AM
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Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge on Workflow

Summary: In this scenario we use a workflow step when an inbound delivery is created . The workflow is routed to a Buyer who
can approve or reject the request.
If the Workflow is approved a PGR is created .

We encountered a case where the PGR could also be done manually before the Workflow approval.In such cases the User
Decision Step which was waiting for buyer to approve should be cancelled.

Create a fork with one branch having the User Decision Step and its subsequent steps.

In the other branch
Create Wait for Event Step with the Event which should be caught by the Object. In this scenario we are capturing the Event
when a PGR is done for a Inbound Delivery.

We use a process control step once the event is triggered and the Workitem in the users inbox gets cancelled and will not show
up in the inbox/UWL.

The Workflow Template is as shown below:

Testing the Process:

Create a inbound delivery which will trigger a approval to the Buyer. The Workitem can be seen in the Buyer's inbox.

Goto Transaction VL32N and Press Post Goods Reciept to create a Goods Movement.

Check the Buyer's inbox after fews seconds . The Approval Workitem would have disappeared from the Inbox / UWL.