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Good morning everybody!

My name is Ryan R. Ricablanca. I am an accredited competency assessor for

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II.

I would like to acknowledge the presence of Dr. Roberto Robes, our school president
and Mr. Edcel Bober, our representative from TESDA provincial Office.

You do not have to worry about their presence. They are here to oversee the conduct of
competency assessment and to check if the conduct is in accordance with the
prescribed competency assessment methodology and procedures. They will not assess

Before I start, let me first check the attendance. Please present to me your admission
slip once your name is called.

I have here with me your accomplished self assessment guide. This is an indication that
you know and can perform all the units of competency in this qualification.

Today, I am going to administer competency assessment for COMPUTER HARDWARE
SERVICING NCII. It is the Qualification level with 4 Core Units of Competencies
1. Installing computer systems and networks
2. Diagnosing and Troubleshooting computer system
3. Configuring computer systems and networks
4. Maintaining computer systems and networks

The competency assessor orients/briefs the candidates. Explains the following:
Context and purpose of assessment.
= Venue, tools, equipment and facilities.
= Purpose of certification, Employment status (related to candidates work)
= Access to support personnel (introduce the support of staff)
Qualification/ units of competency to be assessed
= reasonable adjustment (translate English into local dialects)
= OHS (inform the potential hazard it may cause to him)
= set rules and regulations