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Combi No.

Combi Name Programmer Comment

000 Arctic Bubbles Scape Marco Paris Evolving Pad + Dirty Arpeggio.
001 High Whispers Scape Marco Paris Bright Belly Sparkle Pad +Bubbly Arpeggio.
002 Down To Earth Holger Steinbrink Bright Fuzzy Detuned Digital Pad + Pulsing Breathy Noise.
003 Filmscape 1 Joerg Huettner Bright Sweep Pad + Drum Loop Layer.
004 The Sanctuary Holger Steinbrink Thick Pad + Rythmic Poly + Background Bells.
005 The Big Pad Marco Paris BIG Pad....
006 Venice Joerg Huettner Fat Noisy Pulsing Pads Layer.
007 Filmscape 2 Joerg Huettner Fat Pad + Metal Poly. Hard Velo In Lower Register Produces Timpani Hit.
008 Manhattan Joerg Huettner Wide Breathy Pad + Bells.
009 Drum Kit Constructor Mark Ovenden Use The Knobs To Choose Any Acoustic Or Electronic Drum Elements + Make Your Own Kits.
010 Chaotic Drum Selector Mark Ovenden Chaotic Drums Selector. 8 Kits With Very Close Velo Switching For Almost Random Drum Selection.
011 Chaotic Loop Selector Mark Ovenden Chaotic Loops Selector. 8 Loops With Very Close Velo Switching For Almost Random Loops Selection.
012 Orchestral Symphony Marco Paris Orchestral Symphony Starter Set.
013 Orchestral Starter Marco Paris Orchestral Starter Set.
014 Filmscore Starter 1 Holger Steinbrink Filmscore Starter Set 1.
015 Filmscore Starter 2 Holger Steinbrink Filmscore Starter Set 2.
016 Japanese Starter Marco Paris Bright Koto.
017 Pop Starter Marco Paris Pop Starter Set.
018 RnB Starter Joerg Huettner RnB Starter Set.
019 Downbeat Starter Joerg Huettner Downbeat Starter Set.
020 Trip Hop Starter Marco Paris Trip Hop Starter Set.
021 Tribal Techno Starter Marco Paris Tribal Techno Starter Set.
022 Ethno Starter Marco Paris Ethno Starter Set.
023 HipHop US Starter Joerg Huettner US HipHop Starter Set.
024 HipHop German Starter Joerg Huettner German HipHop Starter Set.
025 Disco Starter Marco Paris Disco Starter Set.
026 Ambient Starter 1 Marco Paris Ambient Starter Set 1.
027 Ambient Starter 2 Holger Steinbrink Ambient Starter Set 2.
028 60s Pop Starter Marco Paris 60s Pop Starter Set.
029 Funk Starter Marco Paris Funk Starter Set.
030 Jazz Starter Marco Paris Jazz Starter Set.
031 Reggae Starter Marco Paris Reggae Starter Set.
032 Rock Starter Marco Paris Rock Starter Set.
033 Soul Starter Marco Paris Soul Starter Set.
034 Industrial Starter Joerg Huettner US Industrial Starter Set.
035 Beatbox Starter Holger Steinbrink LoFi Beatbox Starter Set.
036 Analog Synth Starter Joerg Huettner Analog Starter Set.
037 Trance Starter Joerg Huettner Trance Starter Set 1.
038 EuroTechno Starter Holger Steinbrink Euro Techno Starter Set.
039 Techno Starter Joerg Huettner Techno Starter Set 1.
040 Electro Starter Joerg Huettner Fuzzy Electronic Starter Set.
041 House Starter Holger Steinbrink House Starter Set
042 Drum n Bass Starter Joerg Huettner Drum n Bass Starter Set.
043 Piano-Strings XFade Mark Ovenden Natural Acoustic Grand Piano + Soft Strings Crossfade With Orch Hit In High Velo.
044 Pizz-Piano XFade Mark Ovenden Soft Pizzicato strings To Soft Acoustic Piano Crossfade.
045 Soft Ep-Nyl Gtr Xfade Mark Ovenden Soft Vintage Electric Piano Crossfade To Nylon Acoustic Guitar With Harmonics In High Velo.
046 Sitar-Panpipes XFade Mark Ovenden Bright Metallic Sitar With Thick Phaser + Talkbox Crossfade Into Panpipes.
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Combi No. Combi Name Programmer Comment
Combi List
047 Soft Pad-Harm Xfade Mark Ovenden Rich Soft Mellow Pad Crossfade Into Nylon Guitar Harmonics Atmosphere.
048 Swoosh-Big Pad Xfade Mark Ovenden Bright Smooth Sweeping Phaser Pad Crossfades To Thick Bright Pad.
049 Soft Pad-String Xfade Mark Ovenden Rich Analog Pad Crossfade Into Soft Strings Section.
050 Soft Pad-Sweep XFade Mark Ovenden Soft Rich Pad To Bright Wavetable Sweeper Crossfade.
051 Soft-Bright Pad Xfade Mark Ovenden Soft To Bright Pad Crossfade.
052 Soft-BrightscapeXFade Mark Ovenden Soft Ambient Pad Crossfade Into Bright Swirling Soundscape.
053 Perc Morpher Xfade Mark Ovenden Percussive Elements Crossfade.
054 7th Driven Layer Joerg Huettner Fuzzy Pad + Sparkles.
055 Deep Core Sonic Layer Holger Steinbrink Smooth Breathy Pad.
056 Filmscape 3 Joerg Huettner Busy Pulsating Metallic + Chime FX + Bright Pad.
057 Bouncy HP Layer Marco Paris Bright Sweeping Pads + Bubbley Arpeggio.
058 Hollywood Joerg Huettner Movie Layer with nice short sequence at the beginning. play at least 4 notes.
059 Keep Still Pad Marco Paris Soft Bright Chimey Breath Pad.
060 Layer 5th Holger Steinbrink Rich Warm 5th Pad.
061 Nirvana Guitar Layer Marco Paris Guitar + Bright Pad + Sparkle Atmosphere.
062 Phantastica Joerg Huettner Bright Organic Pad + Fuzzy Analog Layer.
063 Spherosonic Holger Steinbrink Thick Pad +Sweep + Sparkles.
064 Sweep It Holger Steinbrink Bright Layered Sweep Pad.
065 Sweeping World Joerg Huettner 3 Synth Sweeps Layer.
066 Sweet Sizzle Layer Marco Paris Rich Pads + Bubbling Arpeggio.
067 Standards XSplit Joerg Huettner Multiple Crossfade. Rubber Bass Fades Into Organ Into Classic Lead Synth.
068 Keyboarders XSplit Joerg Huettner Electric Piano On Left Crossfades Into Analog Organ on Right.
069 Jazz XSplit Joerg Huettner Warm Punchy Finger Jazz Bass On Left Crossfades Into Rock Organ On Right.
070 House Stack XSplit Joerg Huettner Jazz Organ Crossfades Into Poly Synth Right.
071 Stab XSplit Joerg Huettner Bright Stab Poly + Sub Bass Layer.
072 Big Joe Split Marco Paris Fat Thumpy Analog Digital Bass Stack + Bright Synth Poly Split + Drum Loop On Channel 4.
073 Pop RnB Split Marco Paris Bass + Belly Strings Split. + Drum Loop On Channel 4.
074 RnB Jam Split Marco Paris 3 Way Split. Bass + Amped EP + Clavinet + Drum Loop On Channel 4.
075 Dble Bass+Piano Split Marco Paris Acoustic Bass + Piano. Split at C3.
076 Dble Bass+Vibes Split Marco Paris Acoustic Bass + Vibes. Split at C3.
077 Bass+Organ Split Marco Paris Electric Bass + Organ. Split point at C3.
078 Bass+Wah Guitar Split Marco Paris Bass + Wah Guitar. Split point at C3.
079 Dream Split Joerg Huettner Deep Sub Bass + Lively Rich Pad Split.
080 Techno Split 1 Joerg Huettner Gritty Techno Arpeggio Bass + Thick Synth Lead.
081 Techno Split 2 Joerg Huettner Wide Techno Pulse Bass + Bright Lead Synth Split.
082 Techno Split 3 Holger Steinbrink Techno Bassline + Fat Saw Lead Split.
083 Analog Split Joerg Huettner Classic Analog Split With Analog Bass + Minimoog-style Lead Sound:
084 Bassline+Saw Lead Holger Steinbrink Bassline + Fat Saw Lead Split - Split Point C3
085 Syn Bass+Lead 1 Split Marco Paris Synth Bass + Lead. Split at C3.
086 Syn Bass+Lead 2 Split Marco Paris Synth Bass + Lead 2 Split.
087 Lost In Space Holger Steinbrink Atonal FX Layer.
088 Hurricane Holger Steinbrink FX Atmosphere Layer.
089 FX Menu MP Holger Steinbrink Various Effects 1 Per Octave.
090 Space FX Fades Joerg Huettner Space Effects Crossfading Thru Each Other Across The Keyboard.
091 Frontal Rear Holger Steinbrink Bright Fuzzy Sweep Pad Front + Echo Pad + Sparkles Rear. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
092 Sacral Room Holger Steinbrink Big Atmosphereic Surround Soundtrack Layer. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
093 Lunatic Room Holger Steinbrink Chaotic Sci Fi Effects. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
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Combi No. Combi Name Programmer Comment
Combi List
094 Surround About Holger Steinbrink Big Atmosphereic Surround Soundtrack Layer. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
095 Raum Zeitlos Holger Steinbrink Bright Rich Surround Pad Front. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
096 Quadroloops n Noises Holger Steinbrink Spooky Noises In Surround. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
097 Downtown Holger Steinbrink Footsteps Inside House In Very Busy Town Centre. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
098 Surrounded By Crowd Holger Steinbrink Large Crowd Applauding. Use Out 2 For Rear Speakers.
099 Wind + Water Joerg Huettner Crossfade Wind + Water Across The Keyboard.
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