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Inter Dept.

Kick Off Date : April 4
Registration Fee: $1500
Prize: 1
place $5000 challenge trophy and medals
place $3000 and medals
place $2000
Trophies for MVP, Most Goals, Most Disciplined Team & Best Supported Team
1. All players must be employed by UWI.
2. All players must present valid staff id when registering (database will be checked).
3. Players can only play for dept/fac which they are employed (certain exceptions can be made
refer to no.16).
4. Rolling subs (unlimited).
5. No slide tackling (sliding to block a shot on goal is allowed once it isnt deemed dangerous to
other players by referee).
6. All teams must be in uniform.
7. Referees decisions are final.
8. Proper footwear must be worn.
9. If a team is unable to play on a certain date or time they will need to inform league organizers a
day in advance and also consult the opposing team captain on a date to be decided and agreed
on by both parties.
10. Games will be played in 20 minute halves.
11. Games will start at 5pm and 6pm after work with a 15 minute grace period (only if needed) to
accommodate workers.
12. All departments are welcomed to participate.
13. Seven (7) players on the field at anytime six (6) outfield players and a keeper.
14. No obscene language or assaulting of officials or other players (red cards will be issued
15. Red and yellow cards apply as usual to fouls.
16. Small departments can combine e.g. (Health, CHRC, and PRO).
17. If a player is issued with a yellow card in two consecutive games he will have to miss the next
18. If a player is issued with a red card he will have to leave the field immediately an also miss his
teams next match.
19. Throw ins would be under arm throws only.
20. A female player is mandatory on every team and must play in both halves for no less than a
five(5) minute period or the team must play the five(5) minute periods without the female
player or a replacement for the female player (team must play one man down).