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Tan Nguyen

Project proposal

Background information: League of Legends is an online game where 5 players form
a team and strategically plan to destroy the base of the other team that also consists
of five players. In the battlefield, players usually go into one of the three lanes they
are responsible for. This experiment looks at the bottom lane, which is in the
bottom of the map. This lane consists two players: the carry, and the support. The
carry is usually the main damage output of the team but they are usually weak at the
beginning of the game. And the support supports the carry to get stronger. Different
supports will influence different carries in one way or another.

CS: abbreviation for creep score which measures how much minions the carry
kills. CS is the main income for the carry as killing a creep gives the carry 25 gold.
Aggressive and passive supports: aggressive support characters (supports for short)
give the opponents a hard time to get CS as they might die on the process of getting
CS. Passive supports give the carry heals so that the carry can stay in lane longer so
they can get more CS without having going back to base for healing.
Late game and early game carry: Late game carry characters (carries for short) are
stronger as the match goes on but they start out very weak. Early game carries are
designed so that they can get high CS early in the match so that they can get stronger

Question: How does the supports affect the carries in their ability to get CS?

Experiment units: Different sets of carries, late game or early game
Treatments: Different sets of support, aggressive or passive
Measurement units: The carries; how much CS they get at 20 minutes

Randomization: randomization assignments of supports for the carries will be
organized like a lottery process (without replacement). Each carry will be assigned
to a support. And the four carries (two for each of late game and early game)
participated in the experiment will be picked by randomly (computer generated
numbers) choosing one from each of the pool of late game and early game. Same
process goes for the supports.

Procedure: After randomly assigning a support to the carry. They will start the game
and I will record the CS of the carry at the 20-minute mark. Each pair of support-
carry will be measured twice (ie two matches for replicated samples)

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