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Anne Dicky

LaBRI, Universite Bordeaux 1

Letter of recommendation for Mr Nguyen Minh Hai
Bordeaux, January 7, 2013
I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Nguyen Minh Hai at the beginning
of 2008, when he attended the course of Advanced Algorithmics I was teach-
ing. This course is part of the Bordeaux 1 University Software Engineering
Master program open in Ho Chi Minh City, in partnership with the Vietnam
National University in HCMC and the Pierre et Marie Curie University in
Paris. On behalf of Bordeaux 1 University, I have been in charge of this
program from the start (in 2006).
Mr Nguyen Minh Hai was the best student of his class, achieving the best
results in almost every subject during the two years of the program. For this
reason, he was granted a scholarship for a 6-month stay in the Laboratoire
Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI), where he did his Master
internship under the supervision of Dr Marie Beurton (who oered him to
start a Ph.D. in her research team after his graduation, but he declined for
personal reasons).
Since he graduated, Mr Nguyen Minh Hai has also participated in the
Bordeaux 1 Bachelor Computer Science program in HCMC as a part-time
lecturer, mainly teaching courses related to Programming and Data Bases.
We trust him to be a good teacher, and this year we asked him to teach in
the Master program, too.
I have no doubt that Mr Nguyen Minh Hai could succeed in Ph.D. stud-
ies in elds connected with the software industry. This is why I heartily
recommend him as a candidate for post-graduate schools.
Anne Dicky,
Associate Professor