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"#$%&&% (%&$#
16 Nome Biive Wooubuiy, NY 11797 ! Phone: (S16) 946-14S6 ! E-Nail: Bzelin92gmail.com

Looking for an opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in the advertising industry


*"45%&67 68 94$%#4%: ;"7<%=$#> Expecteu Nay 2u14
0niveisity of Naiylanu College Paik, NB
Robeit B. Smith School of Business uPA: S.6

Ninoi: Enviionmental Sustainability
College of Agiicultuie anu Natuial Resouices anu School of Public Policy

-6&&%>% ?"7< 9456&"7@ A6#67@ ?76>7"B C !"#$%&"'(") +(,-"&.&/0 1"2 !,&"&'0 Fall 2u1u-Spiing 2u12
Selecteu as one of appioximately 7S stuuents to paiticipate in a two-yeai honois piogiam
Naiketeu economic benefits of enviionmental technology to impiove the global anu local economy

*D@$#%@@ E%&&6F@ ?76>7"B Fall 2u1u-Spiing 2u12
Exclusive to stuuents uiiectly aumitteu into the R.B. Smith School of Business
Engageu in moie in-uepth analysis of vaiious sectois of business thiough panels, events, anu netwoiking

G)HI ,J?,H/,3-,

K7%%# *D@$#%@@ 3%=F67< C K7%%# 2B%7$4" Washington, BC
31%4()$"/ 1"2 5&''6"$,1)$&"7 8")(%" }anuaiy 2u14-Piesent
Implement maiketing tactics to impiove mail maiketing, website uesign, anu oveiall piomotional effoits
Communicate with cuiient anu potential membeis to ensuie satisfaction with netwoik anu its benefits
Besign logos, flieis, appaiel anu pamphlets, as well as staiteu vaiious social meuia campaigns

!$;"@@$B6 K6&L@=%$# M!/K)N -7%"=$O% 2LO%7=$@$#> 2>%#4P New Yoik, NY
9(: ;67$"(77 8")(%" Nay 2u1S-August 2u1S
Reseaicheu potential clients thiough social meuia anu piepaieu Requests Foi Pioposals
Cieateu uossieis foi BIu0's CE0 anu Piesiuent foi piimaiy meetings with clients

.5%67P -&6=5$#> -6BQ"#P New Yoik, NY
<6=.$, >(.1)$&"7?31%4()$"/ 8")(%" }anuaiy 2u1S-Naich 2u1S
Piomoteu the Theoiy bianu thiough social meuia coveiage anu pioposeu new maiketing appioaches
Incieaseu bianu awaieness by pioviuing clothing foi vIP anu euitoiial customeis foi Reu Caipet events


2&Q5" ,Q@$&6# ?5$ 96767$=P - <6=.$, >(.1)$&"7 5-1$% Febiuaiy 2u11-Piesent
Bevelop maiketing plans involving giaphic uesign anu netwoiking to publicize events

HRA 9B$=5 964$%=P 867 K7%%# *D@$#%@@ August 2u1u-Piesent
Biainstoim ways to infoim stuuents anu faculty of the benefits of incoipoiating business anu sustainability

Auobe Cieative Suite, Niciosoft 0ffice, Event Planning

uiaphic Besign, Enviionmental Pieseivation, Tiaveling, volunteeiing, Painting, Reauing

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