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Alexa LaPatka

S128 Beufoiu Ave, Euina NN SS4S6 - (S2u) 894-u678 - - lapatuuSumn.euu

!"##$%& () !*+,,!-
Completeu a semestei of stuuent teaching woiking with elementaiy ESL stuuents in the same setting
using the co-teaching mouel.
Sufficient in Spanish.

#+../!(0$ 0/$12+.3 ,+1/.!/-
English as a Seconu Language Euucation, K-12 Expecteu }une 2u14

"56789:6;< => #6558:=;?@ 1=AA8B8 => /CDE?;6=5 ?5C 2DF?5 4878A=GF85; Ninneapolis, NN
Nasteis of Euucation; Seconu Language anu Cultuies Euucation In Piogiess

1=AA8B8 => !?65; H858C6E;@ !;I J=K5L: "56789:6;< St. }oseph, NN
Bachelois of Aits; Bispanic Stuuies with a minoi in Biology Nay 2u12

,$.3"$3/ M%()+1+/.1&-
!G?56:K: Wiitten anu veibal

0/$12+.3 /NM/%+/.1/-
!"#$%"& (#)*+*#," (8
giaue), 12 week placement Biooklyn Centei, NN
Biooklyn Centei Bigh School, Biooklyn Centei School Bistiict }anuaiy-Naich 2u14
Collaboiateu anu co-taught with multiple English as a Seconu Language instiuctois.
Caiiieu out content-baseu lessons foi shelteieu English language instiuction to inciease both content
knowleuge anu English language pioficiency.
0bseiveu paient-teachei confeiences wheie both acauemics anu behavioi weie uiscusseu with
stuuents anu theii paients.
Executeu uata collection foi the euTPA assessment, which involveu explicit lesson planning, viueo
iecoiuing of lessons, anu cieating anu uistiibuting assessment.
Aiueu stuuents with homewoik acioss all acauemic aieas, incluuing math, science, anu humanities.
Completeu WIBA ceitification foi auministeiing the listening, ieauing, anu wiiting poitions of the
ACCESS test.

!"#$%"& (#)*+*#," (1
giaue), 12 week placement. Ninneapolis, NN
Noithiop 0iban Enviionmental Leaining Centei, Ninneapolis Schools Bistiict Sept-Bec 2u1S
Cieateu anu taught cieative, content-baseu lessons coveiing all foui mouals
(ieauing, wiiting, speaking, anu listening).
Collaboiateu anu co-taught with teacheis in both push-in classioom anu pullout small gioup settings.
Attenueu anu assisteu in paient-stuuent confeiences wheie WIBA iesults weie uiscusseu as well as
stuuents' stiengths anu aieas foi impiovement acioss the foui mouals.
Assisteu in uata collection foi a compiehensive, uistiict-wiue eviuence pioject involveu iecoiuing
stuuents' speaking, ieauing, wiiting, anu listening.
Suppoiteu stuuents in unueistanuing theii WIBA scoie anu cieating goals to impiove theii level anu
oveiall uaily woik to achieve success in theii English language leaining.

%/,$0/4 /NM/%+/.1/-
!"#$%"& (#)*+*#," (8
giaue), 8 week placement. St. Anthony village, NN
Saint Anthony Niuule School, St. Anthony-New Biighton School Bistiict Naich-Nay 2u14
Collaboiateu anu co-taught with a tenuieu Spanish teachei to pioviue level one Spanish instiuction in
a geneial classioom setting.
Assisteu in executing anu giauing summative tests anu uaily foimative assessments.
Constiucteu cieative lessons that connecteu content anu language with stuuent inteiest anu vaiieu
levels in minu.
Attenueu team anu uepaitment meetings on a weekly basis to uiscuss stuuent anu cuiiiculum neeus.

-+,"&#$. !/,0&1 2+))"30,# 4"#*+)5 (0&63 (K-S
giaue) Septembei 2u12-}une 2u1S
Noithiop 0iban Enviionmental Leaining Centei, Ninneapolis NN
Assesseu stuuents on ieauing ability.
Facilitateu inteiventions to stiengthen stuuents' lettei sounus anu ieauing.
Bisciplineu anu iewaiueu chiluien as appiopiiate.
Woikeu closely with the school staff to best suit the chiluien's' neeus.

+.0/%.$0+(.$, /NM/%+/.1/-
7)58+3% !/,0&
Peisonal in-home tutoi, Segovia, Spain }anuaiy-Apiil 2u11
Assisteu Spanish speaking stuuents with theii English homewoik while stuuying abioau.
Piacticeu speaking anu wiiting in English with the stuuents.
Pioviueu stuuy mateiials anu methous to aiu theii leaining.