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Alex Wisner
February 14th, 2014
4th Hour

Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay
The thought of barely, or not, being able to put food on the table for themselves, or,
worse, for their family, is a horrifying thought for most Americans, who dont have to live in
such circumstances. Tis a disheartening fact that many live in poverty, and is a familiar tune for
oodles of people. Now imagine an impoverished family in, oh, how about Mexico. A town right
by the border of Mexico and the United States, where, every day, a person can look across,
switching their gaze from a barren land filled, overflowing with scarcity, hardship, shortage, and
starvation to a land that looks totally, completely, and utterly different. A little brighter, maybe?
Happiness and joy radiating from smiling faces. Everyone dressed nicely, wearing shoes! Shoes
of quality! What would it be like to wear shoes year round? They wear things that most in that
dirt-poor, one-horse, border town could never afford without having to save up for a month or
more. Seeing or hearing of a land filled with prosperity, happiness, and dreams come true,
something of such magnificent proportions is enough for many to decide to risk everything to
have a life as such. If unable to pay, or ineligible, for papers, a green card, or some other form of
documentation, then the thought of illegal immigration (most likely under the cover of night)
begins to grow from the back of ones subconscious. Its a hot topic, very much a touchy subject
for the masses. It plays a large part in the choice for a president or any other government
positions that are voted on by the people. Some are pro illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants
should be granted U.S. citizenship because sometimes they have no choice but to come here,
they came for The American Dream, and if they are sent back, do people realize what they
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would be sent back to?
To begin, a case for illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship in the U.S. is on the
grounds that some immigrants are practically forced to come here. Rigoberto Gonzalez from 30
Days: Immigration said that he was compelled to come here. He couldnt find work back in
Mexico. The economy is still a work in progress. Therefore, when Rigoberto couldnt find or get
work, he couldnt put dinner on the table, at least, for his children. As a father, he couldnt do
that to his children. Unable to obtain a job, feed his family, and having a duty, an obligation, or
fatherly instincts to take care of his family, Rigoberto set out for the United States. An example
that things are hard enough for families and individuals that they are willing to break laws to get
a better life, possibly figuring that anything is better than living what barely passed as a life for
them before.
Another justification of why illegal immigrants should be given citizenship here in the
States is in one of the aliases that the U.S. is famous for: The land of THE American Dream.
Another alias that coincides with the aforementioned is The land of the free. If this is the land
of free people, how come its illegal for people to come here to chase that American Dream?
Mentioned in 30 Days: Immigration, by one of the family members, why cant everyone come
here for their chance to have their own American Dream? They are Americans in their hearts,
in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper, said Obama (quoted from The Great
Immigration Debate). How about putting this overall point into perspective: only a few people in
this world are 100% Native American. Their ancestors didnt immigrate here. All those people
against immigration, unless purely Native American and nothing else, their ancestors immigrated
here. If their antecedents hadnt immigrated to the U.S., then they wouldnt be here. Why are
people against others coming here to have their part of the ever famous American Dream?
Wisner 3
Those illegal immigrants act like Americans. Theyre what makes America so diverse and open.
Almost everyone wouldnt be here if their ancestors hadnt migrated here. The American
Dream should be for everybody.
With all the previously mentioned statements in mind, an opponent of illegal immigration
should take the time to ask and conceptualize what would happen if all the illegal immigrants
were deported. Where would they go? Back to their hometowns or villages? What would they be
sent back to? Frank from 30 Days: Immigration decided to go to Mexico to see where the
Gonzalez familia came from. What an eye-opener! A one-room home that makes the ghetto look
like the Hilton! It really showed Frank what the Gonzalez familia went through while they were
in Mexico. It became self-explanatory of why they had left their motherland. Thats what many
Mexican illegal immigrants come from. That dirt poor village depicted in the first paragraph. A
one-room shack to go home to everyday? Tis a dismal, bitter, heartbroken yet familiar tune for
many. While many want to control illegal immigrants futures, have they ever thought to look
into their past?
Opponents will argue that illegal immigrants take jobs away from legal U.S. citizens,
when the argument is assiduously thought through, there are holes in such logic. Most unskilled
immigrants support and sustain jobs for more highly skilled American workers. says Tamar
Jacoby in an article titled Does the U.S. Need Illegal Immigrants? To fully grasp this concept,
an analogy is in order. Visualize a cordon bleu chef. Highly skilled and trained in the finest
dining restaurants in Europe. She decides to work in an exquisite dining room high atop the
Hollywood Hills. That chef decides to make an entre that calls for fresh picked vegetables still
ripe and gleaming from the aftereffects of the early morning dew. Without those vegetables, the
chef has no job. Who picked those veggies that keep the chef employed? Who drove them to the
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dining room? This is a common case for illegal immigrants. They work in the fields or drive
those things from the fields to where they need to get to.
By and large, its all the same in the end. There will always be controversy amongst
people when illegal immigration comes up as a topic. People will argue whether or not illegal
immigrants are forced to come here and whether they deserve a chance to live the American
Dream, but, hopefully they take time to ponder the past of these souls seeking citizenship.
Those who are for or against can argue their side til the cows come home, but hundreds of years
have passed and things still havent changed much, if not for the worse. Illegal immigrants
should be granted U.S. citizenship because sometimes they have no choice but to come here,
they came for The American Dream, and if they are sent back, do people realize what they
would be sent back to?

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