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The Big Picture

Lesson Level: Kindergarten or 1

Lesson Length: approximately 20 minutes
Learning O!ectives: "e #ant the students to discover that #hen they ta$e the time to
examine an o!ect or use a scienti%ic tool to inspect something more closely& they #ill
learn a lot more aout it or see that it appears entirely di%%erent than they originally
thought' This should encourage scienti%ic exploration and increase curiosity'
(tart the lesson y as$ing #hat they use to see things around them'
)s$ them i% they can see everything in the classroom i% they loo$ at it'
)s$ them i% there is anything in the room they can*t see or can*t see very #ell and
as$ #hy they thin$ that is'
(ho# them a picture o% something %rom very %ar a#ay and then sho# them a
picture o% that same o!ect ta$en %rom a very close distance'
(tudents #ill ta$e turns loo$ing at the o!ects #ith and #ithout using the magni%ying
+irst& hold up the o!ects %rom the %ront o% the classroom so all students have
,asically- the same vie# o% the o!ect' )s$ them to descrie #hat they see'
)t di%%erent vie#ing stations& let the students ta$e turns loo$ing at those same
o!ects under a magni%ying glass'
,Optional- )llo# them to use a ruler to .measure/ the o!ects #hen appearing
under a magni%ying glass and help students oserve the di%%erence in the
measurement o% the o!ect #ithout the magni%ying glass
)s$ them to descrie the o!ects* appearance under a magni%ying glass'
"rite on a oard the #ords they use to descrie the o!ects e%ore and a%ter
magni%ication and compare those descriptions aloud'
"hy do the o!ects appear di%%erent #ith and #ithout the magni%ying glass0
)s$ them i% the o!ects gre# igger and then smaller'
)s$ them #hy they thin$ things don*t gro# igger #hen they loo$ through a glass
#indo#' "hat is di%%erent aout the magni%ying glass0
1xplain ho# a magni%ying glass is di%%erent %rom a car #indo# or a #indo# in the

2e%ine .lens/ and tell them ho# it #or$s to ma$e o!ects seem to gro# igger or
loo$ very di%%erent than they do #ith !ust an eye*s vie#
(ho# them a microscope ,or a picture o% a microscope- and explain ho#
scientists might use a microscope in a similar #ay that #e used the magni%ying
)s$ the students 3uestions:
"hich o!ect*s appearance changed the most once you loo$ed at it under the
magni%ying glass0
"hat else do you thin$ might loo$ di%%erent to you under a magni%ying glass0
"hen a student ma$es a suggestion& as$ them #hat in particular might loo$
di%%erent upon closer inspection0
"hy do you thin$ #e #ould need to magni%y anything0
)s$ them #hat else they can thin$ o% that might #or$ li$e a magni%ying glass to
help you see things etter'
"hat you*ll need:
) magni%ying glass
5arious o!ects that loo$ di%%erent close up:
) coin ,penny& nic$el& dime or 3uarter-
) piece o% #ood
) dead insect
) lea%